NY Times: Cat Videos Are ‘White Supremacist Misinformation’

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New York Times warns cat videos are white supremacist misinformation. Yes, really..

The far-left New York times has identified the latest bad apples to blame for the spread of online “misinformation” – CATS!

Yes, really. According to the goons at the NY Times, cat videos and memes lead to extremism.

In an article unironically titled ‘Those Cute Cats Online? They Help Spread Misinformation’, reporter Davey Alba warned that “videos and GIFs of cute animals — usually cats” were being used by “people and organizations peddling false information online.”

Summit.news reports: The article complains that news outlets like the Western Journal and the Epoch Times have weaponized cute kitties to bait traffic, which then filters through to their website and the dreaded “misinformation,” which at this point means anything that the mainstream media doesn’t like.

The Epoch Times has apparently featured cute animals in 12,062 social media posts across 103 Facebook pages, posts which include links to their political content.

Respondents found the NY Times article hilarious, with one commenting, “They seem to think it’s some sinister conspiracy when in reality it’s just people with broad interests who like nice things.”

Indeed, it’s quite funny that the same outlets who express such doomsday hysteria over ‘conspiracy theories’ routinely dream up the most absurd conspiracy theories of their own.

“We are almost at the end of the game,” remarked Dave Rubin.

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