Trump Experiencing Shortness of Breath and Fever After Arriving At Walter Reed Hospital: NBC

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NBC News is reporting that the president has developed “shortness of breath” on top of the other symptoms listed earlier by his doctor – including a fever – as the media continue hinting his condition may be more serious than his doctor and his team have let on.

President Trump tweeted a positive message from the presidential suite at Walter Reed Hospital last night where he is being treated with an experimental antibody treatment after reports claimed that he was having ‘trouble breathing‘. 

The President’s personal doctor confirmed that the president is ‘doing well‘ and is undergoing a range of treatments including a polyclonal antibody cocktail made by Regeneron that is not available to the public, remdesivir, an ebola drug that has already been shown to work against the virus.

DailyMail report: President Trump is also taking zinc, vitamin D, famotidine (the generic name for Pepcid AC), melatonin and daily aspirin. 

The President tweeted ‘Going welI, I think! Thank you to all. LOVE!!!‘ after a CNN report quoted an anonymous presidential adviser who supposedly claimed that there is ‘reason for concern‘ about his condition and that the president was having ‘trouble breathing’ following his positive coronavirus test.  

This is serious,’ the source told CNN, stating that Trump was ‘very tired, very fatigued‘ and claimed that his condition was much more severe than First Lady Melania Trump’s. 

They confirmed he is ‘fatigued‘, but that his condition is not deteriorating and the public should not be alarmed.  

The president, 74, gave a ‘thumbs up’ as he walked from the White House to Marine One to be airlifted to hospital on Friday evening. He waved to reporters on the South Lawn but didn’t speak. He walked on his own with no help. 

Donald Trump’s ‘nuclear football’, the briefcase which could trigger doomsday, was loaded onto Marine One alongside the President.  

 Before travelling to hospital, Trump had released an 18 second video message to the nation, saying he was being hospitalized but ‘I think I’m doing very well.’

We’re going to make sure that things work out,” he said, adding that the first lady was also “doing very well.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. confirmed during an interview that he has tested negative. In other news, the committee on vice presidential debates has decided to expand the distance between Pence and Kamala Harris during next week’s debate.

As the number of positive tests grows (Sen. Thom Tillis just tested positive, and many who have tested positive have links to Saturday’s nomination press conference), the press is furious about the three White House reporters who have now tested positive.

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