US Police Admit Black Lives Matter Is A ‘Terrorist Organisation’

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US cops admit that 'Black Lives Matter' is a terrorist organisation

Police in the U.S. have officially admitted that the Black Lives Matter movement is recognised as a “terrorist organization,” in a statement likely to cause further friction. 

The head of the Minneapolis Police Department, Lt. Bob Kroll, told a press conference, “I don’t see Black Lives Matter as a voice for the Black community in Minneapolis,” accusing the organisation of behaving like terrorists. reports:

“The disruption, you know, that they firebombed the precinct. There were shootings outside the precinct, hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the precinct and squad cars,” he continued to justify his claim that Black Lives Matter is a “terrorist organization.”

The police union leader said that MDP officers Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze have been subjected to an “obtrusive” investigation over the past seven months over the shooting of 24-year-old Jamal Clark in a scuffle last November.

Clark died in the hospital after Schwarze shot him in the head. Federal authorities announced Wednesday that the two officers will not face charges for the killing.

“It’s a happy day for them,” said Kroll, who painted the decision as a vindication for the officers, according to CBS Minnesota. “The truth came out and they prevailed.”

Kroll has insisted that the officers did not commit any wrongdoing, arguing that their “actions were justified” and they should return to duty.

Clark’s killing ignited protests against police brutality in Minneapolis and activists have repeatedly taken to the streets to reject the lack of justice in the case. Community members have always maintained that Clark was in handcuffs when Schwarze shot him and the lethal use of force was completely out of line. The police department has refuted the claim.

Like many cities across the US where there have been victims of police brutality, Minneapolis suffers from a severe lack of trust between the community and local police force.

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