Doctors Warn Millions Of Patients Experiencing ‘Lifetime of Bone Loss’ One Year After Jab

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Millions experiencing a lifetime of bone loss one year post COVID vaccination

Millions of people around the world are suffering from a ‘lifetime of bone loss’ just one year after receiving their COVID vaccinations, according to multiple whistleblower doctors.

Severe bone loss occurs just one year after getting the COVID jab due to the mRNA eating away at the bone, doctors are now reporting: reports: Dr. Amy Hartsfield, an Alabama-based orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine specialist, says she has seen a massive increase in patients as of late who say their otherwise healthy teeth and jaw bones are hurting and even deteriorating for no apparent reason.

“I’ve seen patients with no previous history of health issues [who] have perfectly healthy teeth and now have pain syndromes associated with these healthy teeth,” Hartsfield told the independent media.

Many of Hartsfield’s patients are suffering with head and facial neurovascular and myofascial pain that includes headaches, toothaches unrelated to the actual tooth or teeth, osteonecrosis of the jaw, sleeping problems, tinnitus, and oral and facial autoimmune conditions. Such conditions are linked to the propensity of Fauci Flu shots to cause “micro” blood clots throughout the body, Hartsfield explained.

Covid jabs are causing a lot of destruction to people’s bodies, eventually leading to early death

One such person who started suffering severe bone loss after getting injected with Moderna’s mRNA injection is 79-year-old Cheryl Alverson, who had to have all of her lower teeth extracted due to a massive recurring infection caused by extensive, post-injection bone loss.

Alverson went to see Hartsfield, who ordered multiple blood tests, including several specifically associated with blood clotting. They showed that Alverson’s body had become overloaded with microclots from the shots.

Hartsfield discovered that these microclots directly interfere with bone healing following extractions, not to mention the fact that they typically only occur in patients who are taking osteoporosis medication or who underwent radiation therapy, neither of which applied in Alverson’s case.

The only thing Alverson did prior to developing these symptoms was take the Moderna mRNA series of injections for covid, as well as a follow-up booster shot. And almost immediately afterwards, her bone and teeth problems began.

Dr. Doug Denson, another Alabama-based oral surgeon, says he is seeing much the same thing with his patients, many of whom he is now referring to Hartsfield for treatment. Denson says he is not 100 percent sure covid jabs are the cause behind his patients’ troubles, though there does seem to be a connection.

“In my opinion, correlation does not always equal causation … again, there have been some odd symptoms since the pandemic started,” he said. “It’s just impossible to tell the exact mechanism or cause.”

Hartsfield has had to start screening her patients for their vaccine status due to the onslaught of new patients she is seeing who are suffering from teeth and bone problems post-injection.

“I have to screen these people to see if they’ve been vaccinated, when and how many times, and then I see if I can treat them,” she said, adding that most practitioners do not screen for covid shots.

“When you ask the whole population to have a mandatory vaccine that has more side effects than any other vaccines in history showing in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, you will definitely see injuries.”

In the comments, someone emphasized the fact that so-called SARS-CoV-2 has still never been isolated or proven to exist. The disease is the “vaccine,” this person argued, adding that lockdowns, mask mandates, job losses, and social isolation only made matters worse.

“Another monumental scam, from the fake PCR test to wearing disgusting face diapers that lower your oxygen uptake and increase carbon dioxide inhalation from your own breath, which increases bacteria growth in the mouth.”

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