Video: UFO Sighting By Carnival Cruise Ship: Passengers Spot Suspicious Object Flying Over Florida Waters

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A UFO sighting by a Carnival Cruise ship happened when a passengers spotted it over Florida waters. The video was snapped by a passenger and put on Youtube by the handle, Thirdphaseofmoon. The video is “New Stealth TR-3B!!! UFO Sightings ET Craft or Military? Florida Coast 10/10/2014.” The footage is seen below.

A woman named Maureen captured the video, according to Blake Cousins of Thirdphaseofmoon. She and her friend saw the unusual flying object in the sky while aboard a Carnival ship. Maureen says the recording is unstable because she was “nervous and shaky.”

The imagery was seen in the middle of the day while the passengers stood in awe of what they wondered was a UFO sighting. In one day, the Youtube video has generated over 10,000 views.

Some viewers comment that it could be a drone that passengers of the Carnival Cruise Line ship spotted. Others disagree, while some have other thoughts.

One person commenting points out that it’s possible the military designed a drone to resemble a UFO so it could spy on other nations without the U.S. “stirring up trouble.”

All UFO sightings conjure up interest and get attention online. In a report by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), another fast-moving object was also spotted in Florida in broad daylight. The sighting was on September 15, 2014. The witness in Case 59886 of MUFON’s witness reporting database shares what was seen that day.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 7.36.26 AM

A photo of the bizarre object was snapped by the witness, who was driving on I-95 southbound near Fort Lauderdale.

The Inquisitr has a lot of news stories revolving around people reporting that they saw an unidentified flying object. One has to do with witnesses in seven states claiming to see up to 285 UFO sightings throughout the month of August 2014.

UFOs remain one of the greatest mysteries of modern day science. They’re elusive, intriguing, and represent the unknown. There are many who believe that UFOs do exist and that we aren’t the only living beings that inhabit a planet. Others will always see UFO sightings via photos and videos as “fake.” When it comes to the footage recorded by Carnival Cruise Ship passengers, it could be convincing to some people as being a real UFO — or maybe not.


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