Trump’s Attorney Warns ‘Criminal’ Hillary Clinton: ‘You’d Better Get a Lawyer’

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Rudy Giuliani described the Clintons as "America's number one crime family" and warned the former secretary of state to "get a lawyer."

The long arm of the law is coming for Hillary Clinton, according to President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who described the Clintons as “America’s number one crime family” and warned the former secretary of state that she “better get a lawyer.”

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is desperate to see the hammer of justice fall on the Clinton crime cartel and he is now on the war path – and is coming for Hillary Clinton. 

Following Tuesday remarks by Clinton that Donald Trump would have been indicted if he weren’t president, Giuliani hit back in a Wednesday tweet – writing: “I encourage Hillary to get very involved in the 2020 election. She blew the last one for the Dems,” adding “She is working on a book called “How To Obstruct And Go Free.” And the sequel will be “How My Husband Escaped” a perjury conviction. From America’s number one crime family.

ZeroHedge reports: Giuliani also appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday, where he defended Trump – saying that Democrats “had two investigations to prove it,” referring to collusion; “the FBI counterintelligence investigation – in the words of Peter Strzok – ‘no there there’, and then this one,” referring to the Mueller probe. 

How this ever got started in the first place is the next investigation,” Giuliani said, adding that Hillary Clinton “better get a lawyer.

Fox‘s Steve Doocy asked “she said that the reason he wasn’t indicted is because there’s a DOJ standing policy not to indict a sitting president,” to which Giuliani replied: “there is – there used to be a DOJ standing policy, you cannot indict a Clinton no matter how much they obstruct justice, no matter how much evidence they destroy, no matter how often they lie, and no matter that they committed perjury. You can’t indict a Clinton, it’s against the Democrat Justice Department rules.” 

Giuliani referred to the investigation into Trump as a “frame-up,” with all the markings that “rogue counterintelligence guys” setting up members of the Trump campaign. 

I ask you to keep your eye on Ukraine,” he added, referring to collusion with Ukraine. Giuliani also mentioned Joe Biden’s son – who made millions of dollars in Ukraine as his father got a top prosecutor investigating him fired


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