Ben Shapiro Says He ‘Doesn’t Give a Damn’ About Migrants Flooding America

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Ben Shapiro says he doesn't care about influx of migrants into America

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, who has called for millions of Palestinians to be ethnically cleansed, has now declared that he does not “give a damn” about the influx of migrants in America.

“I don’t care about the race, I care about the ideology,” Shapiro said during a debate on Tuesday.

“I don’t care if you’re pulling those people from Latin America whether you’re pulling those people from the most liberal parts of Europe — that doesn’t matter to me — the ideology of the people who are coming in matters to me,” Shapiro added. “So when I say about the browning of America — again, I don’t — race is of no relevance to me in so far as it’s just race, the ideology matters to me.”

Information Liberation reports: Shapiro in the past advocated for ethnically cleansing all “5 million Palestinians and Israeli Arabs” from Israel and the Palestinian territories in a column titled, “Transfer is not a dirty word.”

Shapiro wrote:

Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution. And it is far less ugly than the prospect of bloody conflict ad infinitum. When two populations are constantly enmeshed in conflict, it is insane to suggest that somehow deep-seated ideological change will miraculously occur, allowing the two sides to live together.

[…] The Jews don’t realize that expelling a hostile population is a commonly used and generally effective way of preventing violent entanglements. There are no gas chambers here. It’s not genocide; it’s transfer.

[…] If there was “room in Germany for the German populations of East Prussia and of the other territories,” as Churchill stated, there is certainly room in the spacious Muslim states of the Middle East for 5 million Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. If Germans, who had a centuries-old connection to the newly created Polish territory, could be expelled, then surely Palestinians, whose claim to Judea, Samaria and Gaza is dubious at best, can be expelled.

It’s time to stop being squeamish. Jews are not Nazis. Transfer is not genocide. And anything else isn’t a solution.

Though Shapiro later tried to distance himself from his column he’s fervently supporting Israel’s ethnic cleansing operation in Gaza today.

Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens in November noted how “odd” it was that the normally cool and collected Shapiro (certainly when it comes to replacement migration in America) was so hysterical about Oct 7.

(See 12:50)

The browning of America gets only yawns from Shapiro but when Israel is threatened he becomes a hysterical wreck and starts threatening the Samson Option.

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