Delta Force Kill ISIS Commander Via Hand-to-Hand Combat

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US army topple ISIS leader with hand-to-hand combat

Delta Force, the U.S. Army’s elite counter-terrorism unit, have killed a top ISIS commander in an unprecedented hand-to-hand combat fight in Syria. 

The commando-style raid occurred behind ISIS lines in Syria which resulted in the death of Abu Sayyaf, ISIL’s top finance chief in charge of the illegal oil and gas production that funds the group’s activities.

The destruction of ISIS’ main source of income comes just days after ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, was captured on day one of airstrikes ordered by President Trump. reports:

The Delta Force operators left at least a dozen dead radical Islamic terrorists in a combination of an intense firefight, culminating with a hand-to-hand combat situation that left no chance of victory for the terrorists.

All Delta Force personnel were reportedly able to insert behind enemy lines, complete their mission and get out without incident, indicating just how amazing this group truly is.

Fox News foreign correspondent John Cuddy reported that along with killing Sayyaf, the Delta Force team was able to capture his wife, Umm Sayyaf. She was widely believed to be in charge of a human trafficking ring that brought in another source of revenue for their terrorist organization (H/T BizPac Review).

The members of Delta Force are the U.S. Army’s most elite soldiers — often being recruited out of Army Special Forces and in some cases, the Army Rangers. The grueling process to become a Delta Force operator is only completed by a slim percentage of men, but the results are epic.

Though the militants of the Islamic State were clamoring for a fight with U.S. troops, after this deadly encounter, we’re betting that they’re not exactly lining up for round two.

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