Italy Bans Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Products Due To ‘Serious Health Concerns’

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Bill Gates’ lab-grown synthetic meat products are set to be banned in Italy as Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s conservative government introduces legislation to protect to protect public health.

The new parliamentary bill “is based on the precautionary principle because today there is no scientific evidence of possible harmful effects linked to the consumption of synthetic foods”, said Health Minister Orazio Schillaci, at a press conference following a cabinet meeting that gave the green light to the initiative.

Synthetic meat has been heavily promoted by Bill Gates and the globalist elites at the WEF as the solution to so-called climate change. When peddling his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” in 2021, Gates told the MIT Technology Review that “all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.”

However, this fake food has now been shown to cause cancer via the immortalized cell lines used to manufacture it. Not content with poisoning your heart with mRNA vaccines while he sends grandma to a death panel for being useless, Gates wants you to sit down at the dinner table to his repulsive tasting synthetic meat, which just so happens to riddle you with incurable cancers.

It is not the first time Gates has attempted to push an experimental product on the masses in order to generate enormous profits for himself and catastrophic results for the rest of humanity.

However, the people are waking up to the globalist agenda and in Italy the push for fake meat and insect protein is being rejected at all levels of society.

Italy’s agricultural association Coldiretti organised a flash mob near the seat of government in central Rome on Tuesday afternoon, with the message “no to synthetic food”.

“Italy, which is a European leader in food quality and safety, has a duty to be at the forefront of food policies to defend citizens and businesses,” Coldiretti president Ettore Prandini said in a statement.

In order to come into force, the bill will have to be adopted within two months by parliament, which will have the possibility to amend it during debates.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Theatre. No one has to buy it There’s been fake meat at Sanitarium health food stores all of my life OK its notjills jenetic magic modification meat but its still fake No one buys it Its called TVP, TEXTURED VEGETABLE PROTEIN.. But the Italians love their meat. Baby calves fed on milk and all of their fat sausages to chew on.

  2. I don’t mind made made meats but be honest in labeling. Don’t call it farm raised beef when it never came from a breathing bovine. Don’t call it pork unless it comes from a swine. Farmers arent too happy with the FDA allowing the term “milk’ being used by Almond growers and stores selling it from the refrigerator aisle when it can be stored on a shelf.

  3. Fake President!
    Fake men!
    Fake women!
    Now fake meat!

    If you believe in ONE, you must believe in ALL!

  4. Good on Italy! The whole world needs to ban this garbage, along with all the other toxic junk made by Gates & the cabal. It will mean the end of pharma & would eliminate all the poisons the cabal puts in the products they make for us.

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