MSM Drops ‘Insurrection’ Narrative; Refers to J6 As ‘Protest’ Ahead of DOJ Charging Ray Epps

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Far-left MSM drops insurrection narrative ahead of Biden's DOJ charging Ray Epps

Mainstream media outlets have suddenly begun ditching the “insurrection” narrative about Jan. 6, and have begun to refer to it as a “rally” and a “protest” as Biden’s DOJ moves to charge federal provocateur Ray Epps for his role in the debacle.

In an article published on Wednesday, The Washington Post reported Epps attended “pro-Trump rallies” on Jan. 6, completely pivoting away from the “insurrection” narrative they had repeatedly pushed previously.

The term ‘insurrection’ was also absent in The New York Times’ recent report about Epps’ lawsuit against Fox News, in which they wrote he merely “took part in demonstrations” at the Capitol. reports: The same phenomenon was observed in a Bloomberg News article about the Jan. 6 event, saying Epps merely joined “protests” that day.

Even Rolling Stone attempted to reframe the narrative in an article stating Epps “participated in the protests on January 6th.”

The MSM’s attempts to change the narrative were noted by Human Events editor Jack Posobiec.

Others also took note of the media’s narrative shift away from calling Jan. 6 an “insurrection” to calling it a “riot,” or simply “events.”

Journalist and podcaster Tim Pool discussed the efforts to reframe the incident on a recent episode of TimCast IRL.

It’s suspected the media is trying to shift the Jan. 6 narrative as they prepare to launch a coordinated defense of Epps against charges by the DOJ.

The media has previously played defense for Epps. The New York Times last year penned a glowing profile framing him as the “victim” of a grand right-wing conspiracy theory.

Epps was filmed on Jan. 5 inciting people to breach the Capitol the next day, prompting some in the crowd to call him a “fed.”

Epps’ lawsuit against Fox News and Tucker Carlson mentioned the DOJ had informed him they would soon file criminal charges against him for his role in Jan. 6 – two and a half years later – and blamed the two entities for the charges.

With the public now well aware of the lying MSM’s deceptive gas-lighting and whitewashing endeavors, it will be interesting to see how far the media will go in their efforts to defend Epps.

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