UK Govt Considers Digital Face Scanning To Allow Entry To Pubs

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The British government is funding companies that are producing the technology needed to utilize digital face scans to check people’s vaccination status. The technology would allow or block people from entering pubs, stadiums and other venues.

According to the Times: “Britons could have their faces scanned to allow them to access pubs, gigs and sports events under one government-funded plan being drawn up for vaccine passports”

Summit News reports: Two companies – Mvine and iProov – are working together on the system after being given a £75,000 grant by the government having already worked with the NHS on facial recognition technology in the form of the contact tracing app.

The technology is being proposed as a solution to concerns that presenting vaccination status via an app on a phone will be too slow when multiple people are entering a busy venue.

“Whoever is standing on the door of the pub is going to have to scan the certificate, read the name and date of birth, then ask the person for an ID document, check that the name and date of birth on the ID document are the same, squint at the photograph on the ID document and then make sure that the person in front of them is that person,” iProov CEO Andrew Bud said. “To which the answer is, that’s not going to happen.”

Bud said that the facial recognition system would reduce this process to a matter of seconds, streamlining the system.

“It speeds the process up and it absolves people of what would otherwise be a very heavy responsibility,” he added.

After months of promising that there would be no domestic vaccine passport, every indication is now that the government is going ahead with it.

Millions of Brits will refuse to submit to digital face scans to go about their everyday business, but the vast majority are likely to accept it without question, creating a two tier society where those who resist the biosecurity surveillance state will remain in a de facto permanent state of lockdown.

This again underscores the fact that the ‘vaccine passport’ is a digital identity card that citizens will be expected to carry at all times and use whenever they want to engage in basic commerce or other normal leisure activity.


  1. People power Just say No Theres really not much they can do If they implement it ,don’t go .If they demand passports Stay home If they refuse entry to supermarkets Revolt Get together and organise independent candidates for election and refuse to vote for factions supporting their health scare takeover of the world

    • Theres decades of brainwashing to overcome. People are too damn compliant. Many want the government to make the most basic of decisions for them. I am not optimistic that there will be any return to what we once regarded as normal.

    • “so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark”
      Bill Gates buying up farmland most definitely has a sinister side.
      ‘Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.’ Henry Kissinger
      Great Britain could be first who knows, seeing as their guns have been taken already. They are 87% white to fight off the non-whites who could be used to turn against them.
      Americans have their guns, but at 76% have more non-whites to fight. The problem in both nations is the idiot zombie Leftists who are traitors to their race would likely join in fighting against their own kind.

  2. Every word that comes from one of our government ministers is a lie. Tell us one thing whilst implementing different policy. Its a police surveillance state here and has been heading that way for decades.
    Only now we move to a whole new level, heading towards a China type state. Democracy is dead if even we actually had Democracy in our lifetimes. The one world government will have its way and the worst part is how so many will be willing to sell their soul to go for a pint in the pub or to a football game.

  3. This is the kind of shit that will get pulled should the US ban personal firearms. The Brits have no way to push back.

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