Pelosi & Schumer Blast Republicans For ‘Poisoning Democracy’ By Not Accepting Biden Won Election

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Pelosi Schumer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have slammed Republicans who refuse to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the presidential race, claiming they are “poisoning the well of democracy”.

During a press conference on Thursday Pelosi blasted Trump supporters for not respecting “the will of the people” and “denying reality”

Schumer told reporters“The election is over. It wasn’t close. President Trump lost. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States

RT reports: Schumer accused Republicans in Congress of “spreading conspiracy theories, denying reality, and poisoning the well of our democracy.”

On accusations of voter fraud, Schumer said Republicans don’t have evidence to back up their claims. 

The senator claims Republicans are “casting doubt” on the election for “no other reason than fear of Donald Trump.”

Pelosi took an equally harsh tone with Republicans standing behind Trump and his accusations. 

Pelosi slammed the president’s supporters for not respecting “the will of the people” and engaging in “an absurd circus right now refusing to accept reality.”

“It’s like the house is burning down,” she said, “and they refuse to throw water on it.” 

While Republican lawmakers like Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) have congratulated Biden on his presumed victory, others like Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have questioned the results. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also refused to acknowledge a winner in the race and said on the Senate floor this week that President Trump is “100 percent within his rights” to take legal action in states where he feels there was fraud.


  1. Rather funny, neither the Constitution For the United States, or post 1872, when the country became a corporation under maritime law with a “gold fringed flag, and renamed The Constitution of the United States mention democracy; i.e., mob rule. We were founded as a constitutional republic, hence the electoral college..

  2. I fondly hope that this entire crooked crap calling itself DNC or DFL ( here in MN) are rounded up as traitors and dealt with…

  3. Pelosi OWNS the software that tallies election results Its called SIGINIT or something like that. Anyway apparently she and her male partner husband actually own it Is that what would be described as a “vested I terest” ? Nothing could even come close to looking poisonous venomous than Nasty Nancy herself. As for actually being two face back staving cheating lying stealing
    and poisonous she and her mob definitely take all the cake. The most SNEAKY DECEITFUL underhanded crafty cunning sly bunch on the planet

  4. Maybe we should listen to them. After all nobody knows more about poisoning ‘democracies’ than the haughty democrats.

  5. Senator Scumbag, we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy you dumbass. We found out about your voting software. Trump won. Biden lost.
    you probably lost as well if it were not for the voting software.

  6. nancy wants to rush again, just like obamacare, now it’s;.. we’ll have to elect biden before we know how much election fraud happened

  7. Vote fraud is a feature of Democrat-Neocon politicking, not a bug.

    The US constitution says that only US citizens can vote in federal elections, and they can only vote once, a trifling detail according to Democrat-Neocon trash humanoids.

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