Training Video Teaches Civil Servants That Britain Is A ‘Racist’ Country

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Civil servants are being taught that Britain is a ‘racist’ country and that they should avoid clashes with people from ethnic minorities.

A woke training video that tells bureaucrats they need to be aware of ‘white privilege’ and that they should strive to be ‘allies’, is currently being shown to workers in the department for levelling up, housing and communities according to The Telegraph

The Mail Online reports: But it was blasted by one Whitehall official, who called it ‘divisive nonsense’, adding that it is ‘designed to brainwash thousands of civil servants with an ideological agenda’.

The video states: ‘When we become an ally, this primarily means acknowledging that we, ourselves, are part of a society, norm, culture or a system that is racist.

‘For many of us who are white or white passing, meaning that we are often identified as white in public spaces, the colour of our skin, our race or ethnicity, has not had a negative impact on our lives. We call this “white privilege”.

You may experience many other struggles and challenges through life, but they are very unlikely to be related to your race.

‘Because of this, adding your voice to anti-racism can help to amplify your message, support your colleagues, and five them time to heal and recover from a fight they’ve been have for their entire lives, often for generations.’

The video, uploaded to the website of the department in 2019, caused anger among some employees in Whitehall.

A Government source told The Telegraph: ‘The civil service is running a parallel policy to the Government on diversity and inclusion in the name of social justice.

‘The term white privilege has no place in Government.

‘This divisive nonsense is designed to brainwash thousands of civil servants with an ideological agenda.’


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