Pedophile FBI Intel Analyst Fired After Polygraph Test Confessions, DOJ Refuse To Charge Him

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A senior FBI intelligence analyst was fired after he admitted during a polygraph test that he is a pedophile who views child pornography, however the Department of Justice has agreed to protect the child predator by declining to publicly identify or file criminal charges against him.

According to a report of the investigation, the senior FBI analyst was fired from the FBI, but the Justice Department and its child exploitation unit declined file criminal charges against him.

The report goes into much greater detail about the probe into the pedophile FBI agent than did a summary of the investigation released by the Justice Department’s inspector general in April.

That summary said that the supervisory intelligence analyst (SIA) admitted to viewing, downloading and masturbating to child pornography featuring girls as young as 9-years-old, but did not give any other details about the nature of the content.

However the investigative report, which the Daily Caller News Foundation obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, paints a more disturbing picture of the intel analyst’s activities.

DailyCaller report: The analyst admitted during a routine counterintelligence polygraph that “viewing and downloading [child pornography] of girls ranging in age between 9 and 17,” the report said. 

The analyst initially said he preferred pornography of girls between 15-17, before eventually acknowledging to having a preference for images of girls as young as 9 years old, and those “just starting to show signs of maturation,” according to the report.

The analyst “admitted to masturbating” to child pornography, said the report, which is dated Feb. 21.

The report said that the polygraph examiner conducted an interview with the analyst after he showed countermeasures, which are tactics intended to cheat a polygraph test.

The analyst consented to allowing the FBI analyze his computers and phone. The FBI found 183 images of suspected pornography on the analyst’s computers and phone, but none were of underage girls, the report said.

The report said that investigators with the inspector general’s office substantiated that the analyst knowingly possessed child pornography, a felony violation, but the Justice Department and its Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section declined prosecution.

No identifying details of the SIA are included in the report. His position as a top intelligence analyst would suggest he worked for years at the bureau.

The FBI did not respond to requests for comment about the report, or the SIA’s identity.


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  1. we don’t have a racist problem with our law enforcement, we have a psychopathy problem. The psychological tests the Law enforcement give for new hires, they look for psychopathic tendencies in recruits. This is the core problem with Law enforcement.

  2. Creepy Joe gets to be vice president and run for the most powerful man in the worlds role Are the police corrupt ?

  3. Again, there is NO rehabilitation for EVIL…. Eradication is the only answer to remove this evil from our midst.

    While your at it, you can also delete L G B T and Q…… then rinse & repeat.

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