Syrian War To Get A Lot Hotter

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The war in Syria could be entering its final phase before world war engulfs the old world

Syrian war

The confusing policies and lack of intelligent debate in the west regarding real world problems, means the West has no plans to resolve the Syrian war.

It could even be said that powerful forces in the West have deliberately manufactured the present situation, say in the Middle East and the Syrian civil war. That only means that the end game is to wipe the slate clean and with it the evidence of the past. Therefore war and chaos in all its form awaits the people of the old world while Europe and America prepare their populations for a taste of war/conflict austerity and with it patriotism and finger pointing, probably to the very people who after enduring decided to retaliate (god forbid).

Russia Insider reports: It’s Not Long Before the Syria War Gets a Lot Hotter

The Syrian crisis and the confluence of clashing interests there was entirely predictable. In fact, I wrote an article on my former website in 2010 outlining the potential for Syria as a high value catalyst for global conflict titled “Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?”

In it, I summarized the dubious history of wars initiated over the past century, including the nature of false flags and false paradigms created by globalists designed to divide nations and peoples and turn them against each other. This strategy of engineered war (along with engineered economic collapse) has been used time and time again by the elites to artificially generate chaos and then consolidate and centralize power while the masses are blinded by confusion.

Even back then, the problem with Syria seemed obvious:

“…We have a nuclear armed Israel itching to attack Iran. We have Iran engaged in a defense pact with Syria against Israel. We have Syria with Russian navy bases and weapons on its soil, and we have the U.S. rampaging through the Middle East encroaching on the borders of Pakistan and Yemen, essentially pissing off everyone. What we have is a Globalist made recipe for disaster, using the same ingredients they have used for the last several major wars…”

Only a year after I published the piece the civil uprising in Syria began, starting with the “Daraa protest movement”, aided by covert intelligence agencies including the CIA.

In 2012, I decided to reexamine my original theory on Syria as a global catalyst in my article“Syria And Iran Dominoes Lead To World War.”

In that article, I felt it was necessary to summarize trends in the region, where they might lead, and how globalists might exploit each scenario to achieve a false conflict between East and West. I predicted that the entire Syrian insurgency was conjured out of the ether by NATO interests, due to the suspicious nature of the Council On Foreign Relations and their public statements suddenly SUPPORTING Al-Qaida in Syria. U.S. involvement in the funding and training of the organization we now know as ISIS (or al-Qaida 2.0) has been proven.

I predicted that U.S. ground troops would enter Syria. This has happened, though the U.S. government maintains that their role and numbers will be “limited.”

I suggested that once U.S. troops were deployed in any capacity in the region, Iran would join forces with the Syrian government under their already existing mutual defense pact. Today, Iranian troops are entering Syria en masse for combat operations.

I also predicted that U.S. involvement in Syria would eventually elicit a military response from Russia and a financial response from China. Though China has not yet used the conflict as an excuse to accelerate the dumping of U.S. treasuries, Russia is now fully committed to airstrikes and is preparing a ground invasion, possibly exceeding 150,000 troops.

Some developments I suggested in my previous articles have not yet surfaced, though I believe there is more than enough momentum for them to be triggered. For instance, I believe Israel is still the ultimate wild card in the Syrian crisis. A military response from Israel is more than possible, particularly against Iran in retaliation for flooding into the region. Further U.S. involvement, including the greater commitment of major naval assets, is likely. And if the U.S. or Israel escalate, I believe Iran will shut down the Strait of Hormuz, perhaps even with the aid of Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hinted that Israeli activity in Syrian airspace will be obstructed, and reports of some “near misses” between Russian and Israeli fighters have surfaced.

Currently, U.S. “relations” with Russia are at lows not seen since the Cold War. In the meantime, the globalists have created a perfect storm of conflicting interests that could very well lead to outright world war. That said, there are different brands of warfare. And, as I pointed out five years ago, the elites do not necessarily need the threat of nuclear war to open the door to collapse.

Economic warfare would be just as devastating to many parts of the globe and the U.S. in particular, causing massive population reduction through starvation in the span of a few months while leaving large areas of infrastructure intact. Economic warfare is also a perfect distraction of the public eye away from the crimes of international financiers. Our fiscal structure is already in the middle of an implosion set in motion by deliberately destructive central banking policies. But in the midst of economic warfare, such monetary atrocities can simply be blamed on “the treachery of the East.”  The Syrian debacle makes an economic battle scenario between East and West “believable” for many people around the world.

Still, wider regional warfare of the shooting variety is certainly guaranteed in the near future.

Saudi Arabia has denounced Russian and Iranian involvement in Syria and has increased support to “moderate rebels.” Of course, as we have seen repeatedly in the past couple of years, there are in fact NO moderates in Syria as rebel groups continue to obtain Western money and weapons and then join the ranks of ISIS.

The Saudis have made it clear that they will never accept a situation in which the Assad regime continues to hold power in Syria. They have threatened a military response in the event that Assad gains superiority over the insurgency. Keep in mind that the Saudis have already committed forces to Yemen.

Tensions are also increasing between Saudi Arabia and Iran over Syrian involvement, despite recent Saudi support for the U.S./Iran nuclear deal. The European Council On Foreign Relations has warned that there are now no “mediators for deescalation” in the region. Of course, this is exactly the way they prefer it.

Turkey is also now a factor, with Turkish officials claiming airspace violations by Russia, and Turkish forces operating in at least a limited capacity in Syria and Iraq.  Syria is a gasoline soaked mess and there are too many potential sparks to keep track of.  The globalists have conjured an environment in which a disastrous domino effect is almost guaranteed.

Another rather unexpected consequence of the Syrian crisis is the now active effort by the elites to initiate a Cloward-Piven strategy using so-called Syrian “refugees” to destabilize the EU and perhaps even the U.S.  Already, the suggested immigration count for such refugees, many of whom are not even from Syria, has risen from 10,000 bound for the U.S. to 100,000.  I believe as the crisis continues to grow this number will be increased to 1 million refugees or more bound for the U.S.  Expect many extremist elements to be shipped into our borders along with them.

It is absolutely imperative to remember regardless of what happens next, almost every element of this crisis has been staged. War and economic despair are the ultimate expedient world-changing tools. They wipe the slate nearly clean, as it were, and mold public perception through fear. That which you thought impossible today becomes rather reasonable tomorrow after crisis takes hold; and this includes the final deconstruction of constitutional values, the militarization of our society, the loss of financial prosperity, the extreme degradation of living standards and the ultimate centralization of everything.

It is also important to realize that there are no sides in this conflict. The East/West paradigm is a sham of epic proportions and always has been. False sides are meant to distract and bewilder the public. They are designed to create counterfeit cross-sections of blame. They are an anathema to truth.

For further and deeper analysis on possible future developments on a global scale please read my articles “The Economic End Game Explained” and “Has America Been Set Up As History’s Ultimate Bumbling Villain?”

The question today is merely one of timing. How long before a negative trigger is introduced? How long before Israeli planes come into contact with Russian or Iranian fighters? How long before U.S. troops come into contact with Russian troops? How long before Israel or Saudi Arabia strike Iran? And if the U.S. backs out completely, how long before the entire dynamic of the Middle East is flipped and America loses petro-status for the dollar? With the speed of events forming a fiscal-political riptide, it is hard to imagine we will be waiting very long to find out.

Article by Brandon Smith


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