Trans Women Demanding ‘Uterus Transplants’ so They Can Experience the ‘Bliss of Abortion’

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Trans women are demanding uterus transplants so they can experience the bliss of abortion.

Transgender women are now calling for uterus transplants so they can experience the ‘bliss of abortion’ like other biological females.

In a disturbing video posted to social media, one transgender activist said it was a ‘fundamental human right’ for transgender women to get uterus transplants so they can get pregnant and abort babies as often as they please:

“I will let a doctor cut the organs out of a willing, healthy, trans-masculine donor, place them in my body, I will devote myself heart and soul to their after-care,” the biological male declared. 

“I will have as much gay sex as it takes with as many trans women as it takes and let the transphobes and homophones scratch their heads wondering what to make of it and I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion.” reports: Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly reacted to the clip on her show last year, saying “This is what we’re supposed to respect, and be inclusive of, and allow in our little girls’ bathrooms? I don’t think so!”

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins called the trans individual a “demon.”

“This man wants to mutilate his body, transplant ovaries & a uterus so that he can conceive a child, all with the goal of killing that innocent child,” she wrote to her X followers. “This is your daily reminder that demons exist.”

“This person does not represent me,” said Scott Presler, a Republican activist who is also a gay man. 

When the video first went viral in 2023, trans man Buck Angel said, “These idiots are delusional aholes! No wonder everyone is hating on transsexuals.”

While uterus transplants have been successfully completed with actual females, some progressive medical professionals have argued that men who identify as women should be eligible for them as well, Breitbart News reported. 

Alicyn Simpson, a transgender “community navigator” at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) children’s hospital, encouraged women who don’t want their reproductive organs to have them removed and donated to transgender people. 

Describing the mindset of a potential live donor, Simpson said “’I have these parts. I don’t want them, you want them, you need them. So what if I gave them to you?’… Apparently based on their research, this is actually viable.”

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