Napoleon’s Skull Found With Alien Microchip

Fact checked

French scientists have discovered an unusual microchip embedded inside the bone of Napoleon’s skull. report:

Every once in a while, great men rise to power and manage to change the face of the Earth. Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte conquered through bravery and intelligence and by being shrewd and ruthless.

But there are some who think the success of these grand historical figures lies in the guidance received from external sources.

In 2012, French scientists were examining Napoleon’s skull when they made an astonishing discovery. Dr. Andre Dubois was looking for signs of a pituitary gland disorder that might have contributed to Napoleon’s short stature when he noticed a tiny protrusion on the inside of the skull.

Taking a closer look, he found an unusual microchip about a fifth of an inch long embedded inside the bone. Judging by the bone growth around the chip, the researchers concluded that it must have been implanted when Bonaparte was still young.

The researchers assumed it was a microchip as it didn’t resemble any known technology, past or present. Was Napoleon abducted? He certainly never spoke about this himself.

The interesting twist is that he had disappeared for a few days in the summer 1794, at the age of 25. Napoleon later claimed he had been held prisoner during the Thermidorian coup but no records of his arrest exist.

In a relatively short period of time, he had risen to power. He was put in charge of the entire French army and turned it into a successful force. Victory after victory led to him proclaiming himself emperor of France in 1804. He managed to conquer a large portion of Europe while subduing all who opposed him.

His military strategies were far ahead of his time and Napoleon himself was an accomplished tactician. Dr. Dubois speculated that the implant might have enhanced his abilities somehow. He also hinted that the implant might have altered the electrical signals from the brain to his heart, as he was usually seen with a hand on his chest.

The consequences of this discovery are tremendous. The usual victims of alien abduction are regular people who play no major roles in human society. If their discovery is true, it means that aliens have intervened in the past to change the course of history and they might do so in the present and future as well.

If this is the case, the outcome of our unaided history is forever lost. Nobody knows what purpose these interventions served or whether they aimed to help humankind or not.