Judge Roy Moore: The Alabama Senate Election Was Rigged

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It’s not some grand conspiracy, but it’s grand theft all the same. Roy Moore voters in Alabama lost their ballots, their rights, by the millions on Tuesday.

It’s not some grand conspiracy, but it’s grand theft all the same. Roy Moore voters in Alabama lost their ballots, their rights, by the millions on Tuesday.

Controversy is swirling in Alabama after the state supreme court intervened at the eleventh hour with instructions for election officials to destroy electronic ballot records that could form the basis of a recount.

The political establishment, who are desperate to prevent Judge Roy Moore from taking office, just arranged for the destruction of millions of Roy Moore ballots.

Voting rights experts denounced the court order as a “blow to transparency” in a state that already has a flawed vote recount procedure and a somewhat checkered history of questionable election outcomes that the state’s senior officials and courts have allowed to go unchallenged.

“There’s no legitimate reason not to preserve ballot images,” said Christopher Sautter, a veteran Washington election lawyer who helped the plaintiffs in the case. “It’s neither expensive nor inconvenient. It amounts to flipping a switch.”

Priscilla Duncan, the lead plaintiff in the case, noted with amazement that the protest was lodged with the supreme court at 4.38pm and the justices came back with their ruling at 5.18pm.

“It’s just unbelievable that they examined the pleadings and got eight judges to concur in half an hour on a Monday afternoon,” she said.

The fix was in. The state elites decided the election on behalf of the people. Millions of Alabamans lost their voice and democratic rights on Tuesday.

Marian Schneider of the national advocacy group Verified Voting was equally stunned by the blatant election theft. “I don’t understand why the state does not want to preserve them. That doesn’t make sense.”

But it gets even worse.

It has been revealed that districts which heavily favored Democrat Doug Jones have more registered, active voters than adult citizens. The Alabama election commission even confirmed that multiple votes in these districts would count, and won’t be investigated.

Let’s face facts. Ordering destruction of the ballots, while allowing multiple votes in key districts, is like leaving your fingerprints on the murder weapon.

The Alabama Senate election was stolen. Doug Jones is not a legitimate Senator. The good citizens of Alabama should DEMAND their election board do a recount and PROVE the results.

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