Macron’s Disapproval Rating Hits Record-High Following Call For ‘EU Army’

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President Macron's disapproval rating hits record-high

French President Emmanuel Macron’s disapproval rating has hit a record-high following his vow to launch an ‘EU Army‘ earlier this month.

Macron’s disapproval rating was already dire, hovering around the 70% mark. However, his popularity has plummeted even further, with an astonishing 73% of French voters now disapproving of his performance in office according to a new Ifop poll. reports: That compares with just 25% who are satisfied with his performance.

Hailed as the EU’s great hope and fawned over by much of the media and political class, Macron has spent his time recently demanding an EU Army and denouncing nationalism.

Perhaps he should spend more time getting his own house in order.

The French people don’t seem too impressed.

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  1. Sadly the EU army will likely happen whether the people want it or not. The elite will pull off a false flag event and that will be the “necessary” result

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