Hungarian PM: Days Of ‘New World Order’ Rule Are Over

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Hungarian PM says days of New World Over rule are over

Hungary’s Prime Minister has warned that the days of ‘New World Order’ rule over the planet are over as Hungary establishes itself as a “21st Century Christian democracy.” 

At the commencement of his fourth term as prime minister, Viktor Orbán laid out his bold new plan for the country, proclaiming, “the stars above Hungary shine brighter than ever.”

“Hungary is ready to take on a big challenge,” Orbán said. “Now we will be hunting for big game.”

“Rather than try to fix a liberal democracy that has run aground, we will build a 21st Century Christian democracy which guarantees human dignity, freedom and security, protects the equal rights of men and women, the model of the traditional family, puts the brakes on anti-Semitism, protects our Christian culture, and provides opportunity for the maintenance and development of our nation,” he declared. “We need to say it out loud because you can’t reform a nation in secrecy: the era of liberal democracy is over.” reports: Reminiscent of President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech in 2017, PM Orbán radiated patriotism and optimism for the future of his nation as he called upon Magyars to unify and make Hungary great again.

He laid out the framework for his new administration, one he says will work to transform Hungary into the most secure and fastest developing nation in Europe – an effect he hopes will positively impact Hungary’s neighbors as well.

“There isn’t anything more beautiful, secure, ancient and protected than our Carpathian basin,” Orbán said. “I know that many will consider it impossible, but I think it is achievable for Hungary to be among the top five European countries to live and work in by 2030.”

“I will perform all my duties with respect to the interest of Hungary and the Hungarian people and in accordance with Christian values.”

According to an analysis conducted by the Nézőpont Institute in the wake of Hungary’s historic April election, Orban’s FIDESZ-KDNP coalition is the ‘strongest political force’ across all age demographics in the country, increasing its base by approximately 500,000 votes since 2014, indicating that the coalition could continue to win elections for the foreseeable future.

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