Jeremy Corbyn Accused Of Hypocrisy Over EU Referendum

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Jeremy Corbyn Accused Of Hypocrisy Over EU Referendum

Brexit campaigners cried hypocrisy after Jeremy Corbyn changed his tune to back the Remain campaign in the EU referendum .

David Cameron said he welcomed Mr Corbyn’s backing for EU membership

Making his first major speech of the referendum campaign, Corbyn stood by past criticisms of the EU but said Britain had to remain in to fight for social reform.

The Sun reports:

As late as last summer the Islington MP refused to rule out campaigning for Brexit, having previously branded EU policies “crazy and immoral”.

But pragmatism has ruled the day and the Labour leader is backing the In campaign after – as Hilary Benn put it – going on a (very swift) “journey”

As a reminder of this apparent U-turn, the Leave.EU campaign has published his previous comments on the EU.

Here’s a flavour:

1993 Speaking against the Masstrichy treaty

“It takes away from national Parliaments the power to set economic policy and hands it over to an unelected set of bankers who will impose the economic policies of price stability, deflation and high unemployment throughout the European Community.”

2003 EU kills industry in Africa

“The EU sugar regime is not justifiable in any moral or other sense. We are driving cane sugar producers in Africa and elsewhere out of business so that European sugar can be dumped on their markets.”

2011 EU trading with despots

“We have EU trade agreements with a number of countries that include a human rights clause that has not been enforced or effected.”

2013 The railway case for Brexit

“Switzerland, which is not a member of the EU, has no problems integrating rail services with Germany, France and Italy, and I do not think that any other country should have any problems either. What we have is the worst of all worlds.”

Now deleted article on Western Sahara

“The EU, to its shame, concluded a special agreement with Morocco for fishing rights that includes the waters off the Western Sahara. In doing so, it authorised the plunder of natural resources on a grand scale with no benefit at all to the Saharawi people.”

2015 Would you rule out backing Brexit?

“No I wouldn’t rule it out… “The EU also knowingly, deliberately maintains a number of tax havens and tax evasion posts around the continent.”

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