Volunteer Forces Say US Helping ISIS to Survive In Iraq

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Commanders of the Iraqi volunteer forces have slammed the US and its regional allies for continuing their military and logistical support for ISIS terrorists in Iraq.

Spokesman for Iraq’s Ansarullah al-Nujaba Movement, Hashem al-Moussavi said on Wednesday: “Washington is still continuing its military supports for the terrorists in Iraq”

Fars News Agency reports: He reiterated that al-Nujaba Movement forces are collecting documents, photos and videos of supplies airdropped by the US-led coalition forces for the ISIL terrorists in Iraq.

“Our forces have filmed the US aircraft while dropping military aids for the besieged ISIL terrorists,” al-Moussavi said.

He reiterated that while the ISIL was losing the battle, they continued fighting the volunteer forces for 48 hours after they received mortar shells and weapons airdropped by the US warplanes.

Meantime, member of Iraq’s Seyed al-Shohada battalions’ politburo Hassan Abdel Hadi said the Iraqi volunteer forces are concerned about coming under further attacks of the US warplanes in order to prevent their advances in different parts of the ISIL-controlled areas.

“Unfortunately, there are still some people in Iraq who have been deceived by the US-led coalition, while Washington supports the ISIL and is trying to compensate for the damages done to the Takfiri terrorists by the volunteer forces,” Abdel Hadi said.

In relevant remarks in February, a senior Iraqi official, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that Washington is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in his country.

“We have compelling evidence that a US helicopter landed in Albu Arim palms of Fallujah city to take out the ISIL leaders who were in contact with the Americans,” the official told FNA at the time.

He noted that other US aircraft were flying over the region to protect the airplane which was boarding the ISIL leaders, adding, “The US took out the ISIL leaders in order to rescue them from possible attacks by the Iraqi Army and security forces.”

Also in October, Spokesman of Iraq’s Kata’ib Hezbollah (Hezbollah Battalions) popular forces Jafar al-Hosseini disclosing that captured ISIL leaders have acknowledged receiving logistical backup and intelligence support from the US.

“As the ISIL commanders captured in Iraqi popular forces’ recent military operations have confessed, the US supports for the terrorist groups are not limited to the dispatch of logistical support,” Al-Hosseini told FNA.

He reiterated that the US has provided the ISIL with intelligence about the Iraqi forces’ positions and targets.

“ISIL commanders trusted the US officials who had assured them that the Iraqi forces would not attack Fallujah because the US had urged the Iraqi government to prevent the popular forces from entering Fallujah and raid Beiji instead; hence the terrorists left Fallujah for Beiji to stay on the alert in there,” Al-Hosseini added.

Al-Hosseini had also stated on Wednesday that his forces plan to win back the city of Ramadi only after expelling the American forces from Anbar province.

“Our forces have two operations underway; first seizing Ramadi from ISIL and second keeping away the American forces from Anbar province,” al-Hosseini told FNA.

He underlined that preventing the US forces from getting close to Anbar province will expedite operations for winning back the province, specially after the military operations in Salahuddin province that led to the liberation of the city of Beiji.

Iraqi officials have on different occasions blasted the US and its allies for supplying the ISIL in Syria with arms and ammunition under the pretext of fighting the Takfiri terrorist group.

Last week, several Iraqi policemen claimed to have seen a US aircraft dropping weapons and munitions for ISIS in a region west of the Anbar province.

The police also claimed that the American plane jammed their communication devices in Hadisah Island.


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