Fox Fires Judge Nap After He Exposed Obama Spying On Trump

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Fox News fires Judge Nap over Obama wiretapping claims

Fox News has fired Judge Napolitano from appearing on their channel after he reported that the Obama administration worked with British spies in order to wiretap Donald Trump

Judge Nap says he believes the Obama administration spied on Donald Trump with the help of Britain’s GCHQ during the election campaign in order find dirt on the presidential candidate and use it against him.

According to senior Fox News executives, since the network couldn’t prove Napolitano’s claim, they decided to drop him from appearing on-air for the foreseeable future. reports:

On Friday, Fox News staff claimed that they couldn’t prove Napolitano’s claim. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said, “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way.” Smith is one of Fox’s liberal-left anchors and correspondents.

The Judge’s Story

On March 15, the Conservative Base [editor Jim Kouri] wrote a news story highlighting Judge Andrew Napolitano’s allegations.

While the mainstream news media search and search for proof that President Barack Obama and his minions never wiretapped or spied on then-presidential candidate, now President Donald Trump, a former criminal court judge from New Jersey surprised a morning news show’s audience with a shocking revelation: three different intelligence sources have alleged that President Obama was aided by a British spy agency to electronically eavesdrop on Donald Trump and his campaign.

Former New Jersey Judge Andrew Napolitano, considered one of the great legal minds in the United States, claims that Trump’s accusations of being wiretapped during his victorious campaign were correct. Although U.S. actors may not have been directly involved in doing the spying, Obama’s fellow-travelers in Great Britain used their expertise to be the President’s proxy spies.

According to Judge Napolitano, now a Fox News Channel legal analyst, at least three intelligence sources said that President Obama went outside his chain of command by not utilizing his own NSA, CIA, FBI, or the Department of Justice.

Judge Napolitano, a Brooklyn (New York) Law School professor, said his sources told of Obama’s British contacts using the U.K. GCHQ (Government

He claims GCHQ officials have 24/7 access to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) database.  As a result of this relationship between America’s NSA and Britain’s GCHQ, by simply having two people go to British spymasters and telling them that America’s President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, and later President-Elect Trump, Obama would be able to receive it all without “American fingerprints” attached.

Employing over 6,000 people from a range of diverse backgrounds, GCHQ is part of the labyrinth charged with keeping Great Britain safe and secure. GCHQ operatives work as partners with members of the Secret

Intelligence Service (MI6) and MI5, Great Britain’s domestic spy agency.

Since the birth of British Signals Intelligence at the Start of World War I in 1914, its commitment for the last 102 years has been to support the U.K. military.

“From day one, GCHQ has been [coming] to grips with the many and varied communication means the enemy has been using, sifting through to find the key intelligence for the military and their political masters. Within the first year in 1915, Signals Intelligence was being used to combat, in real time, the air and naval threats. While technologies change and adapt over time, the unique and significant contribution GCHQ makes to protecting British soldiers, sailors and airmen continues apace,” the GCHQ states in its self-evaluation.

One of GCHQ’s major responsibilities is helping to protect the UK military wherever they are deployed by providing actionable intelligence. The need to help protect the British military and arm them with the knowledge to keep them one step ahead proved to be the catalyst needed to develop Signals Intelligence at the start of World War I.

“About 90 members of GCHQ have received a campaign medal for service in Iraq, and 156 members obtained medals so far for service in Afghanistan. Perhaps more telling is the faith that the military put in a civilian organization to provide the intelligence front-line troops need to achieve their missions as safely as possible in extremely dangerous and difficult combat situations,” the GCHQ press office notes.

“With such an impressive legacy one can only wonder why GCHQ would sink to the level of U.S. political hacks trying to swindle a presidential campaign,” said former police intelligence analyst, Lawrence Patronick. “I hope Judge Napolitano will continue his own investigation into the forces in the U.S., European Union and other nations who may be aligned against a President Trump,” Patronick said.


  1. Right, so brilliant minds like Napolitano get fired, while drooling leftist snowflakes like Shepard Smith keep vomiting apologies for Trump’s behavior. F U Fox

  2. This is a bit of a mystery… Hannity and O’reilly and Tucker Carlson are so pro Trump it cant be denied.. and you say they sacked this guy for saying what he said,…the other 3 have all said the same thing…… must be more than that..or wasn’t actually that ..that got him fired…. doesn’t stack up….

    • I would say Tucker Carlson is more pro common sense than anything else. If that leads to being pro Trump, then so be it.

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