WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Announces ‘Great Narrative’ Project: “Normal Life Is Never Returning”

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WEF founder Klaus Schwab announces 'great narrative' project

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab announced a ‘New World Order’ project called the ‘Great Narrative’ during a summit in Dubai last week.

“We are here to develop the Great Narrative, a story for the future,” Schwab declared on Thursday, joined by United Arab Emirates Minister of Cabinet Affairs Mohammad Abdullah Al-Gergawi.

“In order to shape the future, you have first to imagine the future, you have to design the future, and then you have to execute it.”

“Here, I think the next two days, we will look [to] how we imagine, how we design, how we execute the great narrative, how we define the story of our world for the future,” Schwab added.

Infowars.com reports: Schwab blamed “self-centered” people and the “complexity of the world” for the globalists’ inability to completely control mankind’s future.

“People have become much more self-centered, and to a certain extent, egoistic. In such a situation it is much more difficult to create a compromise because shaping the future, designing the future usually needs a common will of the people,” he told the audience.

“The world has become so complex. Simple solutions to complex problems do not suffice anymore.”

“You have today, not anymore separation between social, political, technological, ecological — it’s all interwoven,” he added.

Describing the WEF’s history, Scwhab also claimed the organization’s “fourth industrial revolution” will “benefit” humanity, referring to his Great Reset initiative to deindustrialize the West in the name of fighting climate change.

“We felt it’s very important that we really work together on a global level to make sure that we use the potential of the fourth industrial revolution for the benefit of mankind because technology also has certain pitfalls and can be used to the detriment of humankind,” he said.

“I think what we are doing here is very important because you can cooperate if you define the common interests which we have, and if we show all the politicians that at the end, sometimes to make short-term compromises is in the long-term interest of every party involved.”

From the WEF:

The Great Narrative meeting is a linchpin of the Great Narrative initiative, a collaborative effort of the world’s leading thinkers to fashion longer-term perspectives and co-create a narrative that can help guide the creation of a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable vision for our collective future.

Top thinkers from a variety of geographies and disciplines – including futurists, scientists and philosophers – will contribute fresh ideas for the future. Their reflections will be shared in a forthcoming book, The Great Narrative, expected for publication in January 2022.

Of course, any kind of information that counters the so-called Great Narrative will be targeted as disinformation and censored or worse.

This is just a continuation of the Great Reset agenda and a signal that the globalists are taking the information war against humanity to the next level.

Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.


  1. It seems Schwab or his translator doesn’t know the difference between “egoism” and “egotism.” “Egoism” is a philosophy, while “egotism” is a corruption of “egoism” and an expression of irrational pride.

  2. the arab said “bring people and humanity together” what in hell is that supposed to mean?
    and where did these two bozos get their status over us bottom feeders?
    These two guys are panzies.

    • They’re generational luciferians. They are below us. They just spent 6,000 years programming us to think the opposite of truth. ALL. THE. TIME

  3. Obviously the way every corporation public and private was prepared and set up to e
    Brace the whole covid story displayed not only that it was pre arranged but that they were all in it together. A class war.

  4. When is the world going to wake up to the fact that all these clubs-WEF, club of Rome, WHO, UN, council of foreign affairs (list goes on and on) just created these clubs out of their own accord?
    It would be like if I started a club then went on tv & news sites & told everyone how they’re going to live. Would you all just assume I have that authority over you? Just because I put it on all the black scrying mirrors and newspapers/magazines that my buddies own? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7cfe2b8ee9d6f5ceeb696260c328dad0722b89f112937577a20e1d21553d4788.jpg

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