Video: CCTV Video of Nepal Earthquake

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Although it’s not the most interesting earthquake footage ever released, video footage of the devastating Nepal Earthquake yesterday has hit YouTube.  In the short clip, taken from what looks to be a private residence, you can see the massive amounts of shaking that occurred.

For those that have experienced and earthquake before, you will recognize that what is shown in this video is severe.

The quake, which struck Nepal yesterday, has cost hundreds of lives, an avalanche in The Himalayan mountains that killed a Google executive and destroyed temples that have stood for hundreds, and even in some cases, thousands of years.

nepal earthquake

Earthquakes of this magnitude are rare, and this footage is an interesting look at how an Earthquake can strike with massive intensity.

The death toll has been raised from 108 to almost 900 dead with thousands more missing.


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Royce Christyn

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