Copenhagen Terror Alert Shooting

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In Copenhagen, Denmark,  the Swedish Cartoonist who depicted the prophet of Islam as an animal  in a cartoon in 2007, has reportedly come under attack, in what looks like a “terrorist attack”-Although it’s too early to say.

It seems according to witnesses at the scene and the police that a meeting organised by the famous Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks at the Krudttoenden cafe was attacked.  According to early reports Mr. Vilks was killed; However it seems that he and the French ambassador, Francois Zimeray who was also present at the time survived the attacks.

In an interview later he expressed his fears, over the many death threats he had faced over the years.

There was supposedly heavy security at the cafe; where the Limits of freedom of expression meeting was taking place, due to recent events in paris regarding the charlie hebdo attacks and the general alert level.

First accounts indicated that three gunmen were involved.  However the Police report that two gunmen where involved, who appear to have “escaped the scene”.  No identity is available as of yet except that the Police are looking for the perpetrators, who they say “drove a dark Volkswagen Polo”.
The latest from Copenhagen is that the police are looking for one suspect wearing a purple balaclava and thick puffer jacket.

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