‘Aliens Visit Me’ – Artist Claims His Work Have Alien Messages For World

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British artist Lloyd Canning says that he has been abducted by aliens multiple times since 2005 and that aliens now communicate with him inspiring art that he says contains messages for all of humanity. 

The Mirror reports:

Lloyd Canning, 33, believes he was first captured by extraterrestrials in 2005 after he saw a massive spaceship hovering above his car. A few days later, he says that he felt compelled to paint certain images that he thinks are the aliens’ way of communicating with the human race.

The dad-of-two, a former scaffolder, is so certain other-worldly creatures are using him as a medium he has given up his job and now paints these spooky images full time.

Lloyd, from Evesham, Worcs, has used his so-called encounter to create works that show portraits of planets and aliens and after years of keeping his collection secret in fear of being laughed at, Lloyd says he now regularly exhibits at alien conventions and is preparing for his first international show.

He said: “When the visions are coming on it feels like a load of anxiety, building up and up, sometimes for days.

“Then all of a sudden I will have a clear image in my mind that I just have to paint.

“Ever since that first sighting I have had these crazy visions that just come over me. When they happen it’s like I don’t have a choice – I just have to paint them.

“It’s something that I think I have to tell people about, I think I was chosen because I was an artist, and they know they could channel through me.”

Check out the images by Lloyd Canning presented in the gallery below. What do you think the aliens are trying to tell us? 

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