Rare 9/11 Footage Contain Uncensored Attacks And Eyewitness Accounts

Fact checked

This rare video filmed during the 9/11 attacks show the raw uncensored and unedited sequence of events following the planes crashing into the world trade center buildings.

What makes the video unique is that the person filming the video captures all 3 building collapses from across the Hudson river. There are no political voice overs, no shaky camera work or editing, and real reactions from those nearby are preserved on film. 

Disturbingly, the film also contains the sights and sounds of what appear to be bomb detonations. 

According to the video description:

This footage starts shortly after the planes supposedly hit the buildings. The filmographer captures all 3 buildings collapse across the Hudson.

What makes this footage unique is there are no political or whodunit overtones. There are not conspiracies injected into the story. You have a good view with solid audio from a guy standing on a pier surrounded by loved ones trapped in the buildings.

They stop the film now and again to get the thoughts of the filmographer as he was filming. It is heart wrenching to hear the common sense type statements normal people should have been asking themselves and our representatives about this event.

This is a MUST see. It was not aired on any network news program. It contains lots of bomb detonation sounds and smoke..


  1. I always knew that us citizens were jerks but after watching this video i am aghast as to how the whole lot of people of this great country are so dumb as to hand feed from corrupt politicians like bush and clinton`s, instead of saving innocent lives these butchers killed thousand`s of innocent citizens and all in the name of false nationalism? and again they are on the verge of electing a greater devil called as trump as if one modi was not enough to do the job over here !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trump does NOT have the criminal baggage that Hillery does, nor did Sanders, even though he was a commie…

      Trump was not the one whoe’s deliberate ineptitude caused the death of a US ambassador and others.

      Trump also was not the one who bombed amd infiltrated terrorists … er .. ‘Freedom fighters’ into Libya .. It as Jezebel Killery Kliniton networking with others while she was secretary of state. We came , we saw…he died…

      Don’t forget…Obama shook hands with Gadaffi too. Seemed everyrthing was mellowing out and that we were about to open a new era of cooperation with Libya and perhaps the rest of the middle east. Instead we got busy exporting weapons to terrorists and instigating and supporting ‘Arab Spring’.

      Trump may be a foot in the mouth klutz, but at least he will try to set some things straight that this administration and past ones have ruined. Illl take a klutz over a silver spooned smooth talking community organizer and cruse bombing would be dictator, and his evil retinue, any day.

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