Trump: “Biden Will Lead Us Into World War 3”

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Trump warns Biden is leading world into World War 3.

Donald Trump slammed Biden as “pathetic” on Friday, warning that his inability to govern could see America dragged into World War 3 before November.

During a press conference at Mar-a-Lago, Trump commented on Biden warning that Iran is about to attack Israel.

Trump said, “for the president of our country to actually put out a warning that he thinks that we’re going to be attacked or they’re going to be attacked. That’s pretty pathetic.” reports: “They wouldn’t be attacking Israel if I were president, that I can tell you,” Trump continued, adding “And they never did.”

“Iran was in no position to attack. They had no money. They were broke,” Trump added.

“With all that we’ve done, with all of the fighting, all of the death, look at what happened. How incompetent the whole thing is,” Trump continued, adding “This is a very dangerous period of time in our nation and a big reason that it’s dangerous is because we have a president that’s grossly incompetent.”

Trump also urged that the US could “end up in a world war between Russia and Ukraine and all of the chaos and that’s something that should have never happened, that would have never happened.”

“What’s going on with Israel, October 7 and what’s going on with Israel could end up in a world war,’ Trump further warned.

“We have a president that can’t put two sentences together. We have a president who can’t find the stairs off the stage. We have a president who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. And we could end up in a world war,” Trump further urged.

He continued, “we have just a little bit less than seven months now, months before November 5, but that’s an eternity when people are incompetent.”

Repeatedly faced with a world war, the only response Biden and his handlers appear to be able to muster is the word “don’t.”

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