Fauci Tells Americans To Get Their Booster Jabs Claiming There’s ‘No Doubt They’re Safe’

Fact checked
Dr Fauci

Dr Fauci is still pushing the experimental covid jabs and is now telling Americans to get boosted before the holidays.

He is even claiming that there is “no doubt’ that they are safe despite VAERS data showing that the covid jab is the most dangerous vaccine in history.

Fauci joined Stephen Colbert’s ‘The Late Show’ on Thursday to peddle yet more propaganda about the failed and dangerous Covid jabs.

The Gateway Pundit reports: In a shameless and unfunny attempt at humor, Fauci was walked by Colbert to go receive his booster shot as they instructed Americans to take another dose of the experimental jab in order to “enjoy the holidays safely.” To top it off, and show how serious he is, Fauci wore a pair of “sexy cat ears” when he gave his orders.

Remember, this is about “saving lives,” folks.

As John Nolte of The Blaze points out, this “skit” was nothing but “pure political propaganda” designed to accomplish two goals:

“The first is to shame those of us who have not gotten our hundredth booster, or whatever the number is now. And I say this as someone who has been vaccinated and boosted. How many more of these things are we supposed to get? And why should we believe a disgraced liar like Anthony Fauci about anything?
Colbert’s second goal is to make the vaxx-fanatics feel all righteous and morally pure about themselves. But, most of all, it is meant to make the hopelessly smug Colbert feel good about h

During his appearance with Colbert, Fauci didn’t just advocate for boosters. He also made several statements about the safety of the experimental jab that – with all of the currently available evidence – seem to be outright lies.

In response to a question about how to coerce hesitant friends and family members into taking the booster, Fauci ridiculously claimed that there should not even be an argument to be had, because there is “no doubt [the Covid-19 vaccines] are safe.”

Yes, really. Despite mounds of evidence to the contrary, Fauci – and, therefore, the sCiEnCe! – says there is no risk.

From Fauci:

“The argument is, you look at the data. The data is crystal clear… without a doubt [the vaccine is safe]. It has been given to billions of people – in billions of doses. So, there’s no doubt – [the question of] safety is off the table – it’s safe.

He said that with the same confidence he had when he tried to claim that the vaccine will “prevent transmission,” and we all saw how well that worked out…

This safety claim is obviously complete nonsense. Not only have there been hundreds, if not thousands, of independent studies that show a direct link between the experimental mRNA vaccines and a litany of life-threatening adverse reactions, but the US Government’s own Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) definitively shows that this vaccine is the most dangerous (in terms of total reports of adverse reactions) and deadly (in terms of death reports submitted) than any other vaccine in history.

It’s also worth noting that VAERS is notoriously underreported, even by the US Government’s own admission. So, with a staggering 31,000+ deaths attributed to this vaccine in the system, the true number is likely several multiples higher.

Nevertheless, any discussion about “safety” should be “off the table,” according to Fauci.

That’s sCiEnCe.