Hillary Clinton Says She Wears Pantsuits Because She ‘Can’t Deal’ With Lingerie Companies Using Her For Adverts

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Hillary Clinton told CBS News that she wears pantsuits to prevent paparazzi from snapping “suggestive” photos of her which could be used to advertise lingerie.

In an interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, Hillary claimed the “suggestive” photos of her captured by the press during a 1995 trip to Brazil forced her to stop wearing skirts and stick to pantsuits.

“I was sitting on a couch, and the press was let in. There were a bunch of them shooting up,” Clinton said.

“All of the sudden, the White House get alerted to these billboards that show me sitting down with I thought my legs together, but the way it’s shot, it’s sort of suggestive,” she continued. “And then I also begin to have the experience of having photographers all the time — I’d be on stage, I’d be climbing stairs and they’d be below me.”

The CBS News segment displayed photos of Clinton that were used to sell lingerie.

An advert for Brazillian lingerie company Duloren nearly three decades ago featured an image of Clinton sitting in a skirt. The ad ignited news headlines like “Hillary Clinton is ‘star’ of Brazillian lingerie ad” and “First lady of lingerie: Hillary Clinton.”

“I couldn’t deal with it, so I started wearing pants,” Clinton said.

The twice-failed presidential candidate is also notorious for donning tents on special occasions.

Chelsea claims in the interview that she didn’t know the reason why the pantsuit became her mom’s outfit of choice.

“I didn’t know that story. it’s by far and away the greatest revelation I had,” Chelsea said.

“It’s so creepy,” the former first daughter added.

The CBS interview is a promotion of Chelsea and Hillary’s eight-part Apple TV+ docuseries Gutsy.

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