Sex Abuse Victim Says German Nuns Were ‘Pimps’ For Pedophile Priests & Politicians

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Catholic nuns at a now-shuttered Catholic children’s home in Germany have been accused by a sex abuse victim of ‘pimping’ out orphans to priests, politicians and other wealthy men.

The evil nuns would rent out the boys to priests and politicians would rape the children as other men watched at children’s home.

The victim, who is now in his 60’s, has remained anonymous despite fighting and winning a legal battle for compensation back in May over the horrors he and others endured. The abuse started when he was just 5 years old in March 1963.

The New York Post reports: The man, who has struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression since then, was awarded a total of 25,000 euros by German courts due to claims he’d been raped more than 1,000 times.

He also said he wasn’t the only victim.

The case was only recently addressed in public for the first time, when Germany’s Bishop of Speyer, Karl-Heinz Wiesemann, spoke out about former diocese official Rudolf Motzenbäcker, who was named as an abuser in the case. Motzenbäcker died in 1998.

As part of his spiritual discipline, the unnamed victim said he was beaten and “literally dragged” by nuns to Motzenbäcker’s home where he was routinely sexually abused, he told Der Spiegel magazine, according to the Times of London. The former altar boy at Speyer Cathedral was also plucked from the home to appear at “sex parties,” facilitated by nuns on behalf of clergyman and the local elite.

“The nuns were pimps,” he said in court testimony.

“There was a room where the nuns served drinks and food to the men and in the other corner the children were raped,” court records read, according to German news agency KNA. “The nuns earned money. The men present donated generously.”

“Sometimes I would run back to the home in blood-smeared clothes, the blood ran down my legs,” he said. “Before I left in September 1972, I had been sexually abused about a thousand times.”

The home in Speyer shut down in 2000.

“But what’s the use of the money?” the victim said of the court-ordered compensation. “My marriage is broken. My bones, liver and kidneys are too.”

Judge Andrea Herrmann of the Darmstadt Social Welfare Court in Germany responded, “For victims of abuse, taking legal action is associated with considerable psychological stress.”


  1. They’re all in it together Princess Dianna .And they all know what goes on and has been going for centuries None of it ,none of it is at all new .

  2. The fact the Courts awarded him a pittance says they just wanted to cover the whole thing up asap and get rid of it They didnt give him an award that would attract attention or provide incentive for other victims to come forward .Real victims of real pedophiles whilst at the same time them busily grooming informers, teenagers who willingly placed them into positions to earn money for sexual acts , to create sensational stories against targeted people they want compromised or blackmailed .That’s what they’re really like .That’s their justice system .

    • And the only ,the ONLY reason it’s in the news is because they can say GETMAN nuns did it Meanwhike John Wedgers site reveals the truth about what’s really going on ,but the old evil german agendas too tempting for the media to let go Never ever mentioning that it was a England that totally committed the most complete genocide on earth in modern history by slaughtering every single tasmanian, wiping out an entire species of humans .But oh yes let’s all remember Hitler was the most evil monster to ever live Pigs Arse he was .

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