Top German Doctor Imprisoned for 3 Years for Questioning Mask Mandates

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German doc sent to prison for three years for questioning mask mandates

A top doctor in Germany has been sentenced to three years in prison after she was found guilty of questioning mask mandates and issuing mask exemption forms to her patients.

Per The Telegraph:

A court in the town of Weinheim in southern Germany found the 58-year-old doctor guilty, in more than 4,000 cases, of handing out fake doctor’s notes to people who refused to wear medical masks during the pandemic.

The court took issue with the doctor’s issuance of exemption forms and allowing her patients to deviate from government advice. reports: The doctor was additionally barred from her medical profession for three years, and incurred a 28,000 euro ($29,525USD) fine.

“The doctor’s clerk has to pay a fine of 2,700 euros ($2,848USD),” reports German outlet SWR.

According to the Telegraph, the doctor’s attorneys argued masks were detrimental to people’s health.

During the trial, the doctor’s legal team had argued that masks are harmful to human health and said that her client had acted for ethical reasons.

“There are things that you don’t need to examine. If you take away my ability to breathe you don’t need a physical check-up to confirm that,” lawyer Beate Bahner told broadcaster ARD outside the courthouse.

Lawyers said the doctor planned to appeal the conviction.

Demonstrators gathered outside the court in Weinheim to protest the doctor’s conviction, with one reportedly carrying a sign written in German reading, “Human dignity has been violated! When will you rise?”

The Daily Mail has more background on German mask rules nearly two years after the start of the Covid crisis:

Germany ended requirements to wear masks in many indoor settings last year, though they are still compulsory on long-distance trains, in doctors’ practices, hospitals, nursing homes and on some regional public transport.

In April 2020, the wearing of masks on public transport was made compulsory in Berlin and other cities.

Now, nearly three years on, Germans are still required to wear masks on long distance public transport and in doctors’ surgeries. 

Masks and a negative test are mandatory to enter hospitals and nursing homes.