Tony Blair: ‘Slew of New Injectables and Vaccines’ Give WEF the Opportunity to ‘Change The World’

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has boasted about the elite’s “opportunity to change the world” by taking advantage of a “slew of new injectables.”

According to Blair, who many believe is next in line to replace Klaus Schwab as head of the WEF, “There is an ongoing challenge – an opportunity – and I think that is not just about Covid. It’s about the fact that we are going to have a whole slew of new vaccines, injectables, that are going to deal with some of the worst diseases in the world.”

The globalist former prime minister also praised Big Pharma for how quickly they created Covid-19 vaccines, but claimed that in future vaccines must be regulated and rolled out even faster.

According to Blair, national digital ID systems must be put in place to track and monitor every citizen and ensure they are fully vaccinated and boosted with the “slew of vaccines and injectables” which will be rolled out even faster than during Operation Warp Speed.

Tony Blair also took some time out of his schedule at the World Economic Forum to appear on CNN and defend the Davos elite.

Responding to a question from the host about whether Davos should be canceled this year and never held again because the Davos elites “broke the international system”, Blair disagreed and said Davos is an opportunity for him to meet with “my presidents from Africa” on behalf of his non-profit, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

“I’ll tell you what I do when I come to Davos. I will be meeting with three of my presidents from Africa, I don’t think they broke the economic system. I’ll be meeting a whole lot of people from multilateral institutions who work in developing world. I’m here because my non-for-profit institute works in some of the poorest parts of the world, trying to help them.”

“So it’s the easiest play in the world to say ‘Oh all these people coming along here, the global elite and so on…’

“By the way, these questions about cultural identity and nationalism, you’ve got elites on both sides of the argument. So Davos, it is what it is. It’s an opportunity for people to come here and network on issues of importance.”

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