Ferguson Protestors Chain Themselves To San Francisco BART Train

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Chained to The BART Train

As a part of a campaign called “Blackout Black Friday”, protestors of the death of Michael Brown shut down the San Francisco public transit lifeline – the BART train transit system.  According to sources, the protestors shut down the system around 10:45AM local time, and service was not resumed until 1PM.

The NBC local Bay Area News said, “BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said about 20 people had chained themselves – or used duct tape to bind their arms together – on the platform and she urged commuters to find alternative transportation.

Many typically ditch their cars to head to San Francisco from Oakland on BART to get the best Black Friday deals – a situation the protesters were keenly aware of. Other protests to decry the Ferguson decision, and also the low-wages of many retail workers were held across the country, from New York to Missouri.” [1]

The protestors had planned to shut down the BART train service for four hours, the amount of time Michael Brown’s body lie waiting after his death – four hours has been the common theme, time wise, among protests across the nation.




The protestors chained themselves together with black plastic sheathes covering the train which read “Black Lives Matter”. [2]



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