Haunting Drone Footage of Chernobyl Sparks New Interest

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An eerie abandoned ferris wheel, decaying apartment buildings, belongings left behind in the heat of a mad, hurried rush – these are just some of the haunting images that filmmaker Danny Cook captured in Chernobyl.  Cook used He used a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, a Canon 7D camera and a GoPro3+ to capture the absolutely stunning images. [1]

Cook, working for a news segment for 60 Minutes called Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl, and the resulting video is stunning.  As Cook explains in the video’s description,

The nuclear disaster, which happened in 1986 (the year after I was born), had an effect on so many people, including my family when we lived in Italy.

The nuclear dust clouds swept westward towards us.The Italian police went round and threw away all the local produce and my mother rushed out to purchase as much tinned milk as possible to feed me, her infant son.

It caused so much distress hundreds of miles away, so I can’t imagine how terrifying it would have been for the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to evacuate.” [2]

Below are the video and some photos from Cook’s experience:


Eerie: A swimming pool slowly going to ruins after being abandoned decades ago. The explosion released 400 times more radiation than the U.S. atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.53.04 PM

Futile: Hundreds of abandoned gas masks can be seen inside a building in Pripyat. Although tens of thousands of people evacuated the area, a few residents refused to leave

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.53.34 PM

Footage of a vacant factory


Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.52.54 PM

Disturbing: Mr Cooke filmed the footage, named ‘Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl’, while working on a ’60 Minutes’ segment for CBS News about the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 1.52.49 PM

Abandoned: A frozen ferris wheel, poisoned forests and paint sloughing off an empty swimming pool; these are the remains of city devastated by a nuclear disaster nearly 30 years ago




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[2] http://petapixel.com/2014/11/28/drone-footage-chernobyl-every-bit-haunting-expect/



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