Martha Stewart: ‘Unvaccinated Citizens Should Be Executed’

Fact checked
Martha Stewart calls for unvaccinated citizens to be executed

American TV personality Martha Stewart has said that she would like to see unvaccinated people be put on death row and executed for daring to question the mainstream narrative.

In a bizarre 30-second Pfizer commercial, Stewart is shown in her kitchen sharpening a massive Samurai sword. As sparks fly, she looks into the camera and states: “You know that unwelcome guest everyone wishes would leave already? That’s COVID-19.”

She then angrily cuts the top off a pineapple and drops it in the garbage.

Then the words “got booster” pop up on the screen as Martha sits back in her kitchen relaxing after the beheading of the “unwelcome guest.”

The whole atmosphere of the commercial is “Kill Bill” meets “Top Chef.” Stewart is menacing throughout, and the ad is clearly supposed to criticize those who oppose the jabs.



  1. Typical ex con. She consorts with drug dealers and probably pedophiles and so is a TV personality cause she bakes.

  2. This brainless moronic old COW FART doesn’t deserve any better then the very thing she/he/it wishes for the sane and healthy people who are going to survive this global genocide. I hope she/he/it is totally shot up with all jabs and boosters. Soon we will hear from her/him/it again…

  3. the Hollywood elites own these people’s public image, they sign it away in their contracts. So their handlers have full ownership of anything they say publicly. So their handlers can call the press and say that their celebrity says this about a subject, or they can call the celebrity and tell them “you need to have a press conference and read this statement”
    It is all part of the show.

  4. That would be tremendously hilarious if it wasn’t common for celebrities who say those things to die of some baffling immune failure or stroke or heart attack….

    • I have for years. Once she thought she was cute hanging out with Snoop Dog I was done. Nothing but a stooge for the left.

      • Yup.

        She’s a pot smoking tool who hanfgs out with murderers thinking it makes her look ‘edgy’ – no Martha it just makes you look like a desperate try hard…

  5. Martha should go back to what she is good at doing …. insider trading

    Cognitive Dissonance may be sign of mental illness or at least blind denial of reality

    Follow the science and you conclude masks don’t work – Source: Fauci / WHO

    Follow the science and you realize natural immunity is all one needs for a disease with a survival rate > 99% Source: CDC

    Follow the science and you realize early antiviral treatment ivermectin are very safe and effective Source: FDA

    Follow the science and you realize MRNA gene altering therapy are not effective and to date killed over 32,000 Americans Source: CDC VAERS

    Mandatory experimental gene modifying injections without informed consent is a crime against humanity Source: US Constitution & Nuremburg trials

    Be Educated / Be informed / Beware

  6. Because, the CDC didn’t say the vaccine didn’t prevent transmission, it didn’t prevent infection, it didn’t prevent hospitalization, and it didn’t prevent death. Basically it does nothing, so why get it?

        • How do we know? Maybe they are wearing those masks, or have body doubles, or whatever. Maybe they never got a “real” shot. Hollywood seems to be dropping a lot of actors lately. Check out Jack Nickelson, he looks bad.

      • And they do it every 100 years. Look back at the “worst” pandemics. Spanish flu around 1920, but also another around 1820, 1720, and 1620. They have never had so many people to kill as in 2020.

        And guess what, they will do it again in 2120 and nobody will be able to connect the dots because everything will be wiped from history before then, except for how the great global government was installed and prevented extinction in 2020 with the great vaccine.

          • you refer to the clot shot not the hoax virus? all vaccines destroy the immune system. all big pharma drugs produce damages to the body while pretending they are helping. every single medication big p[harma produces ,they are clueless to what it actually does. they just advertise it as life saving.


      It’s made for low intelligence types. The elites would like to rid the world of mental defectives, while the intelligent people would prefer to get rid of them. The easiest route toward achieving that lofty goal is to have the low-intelligence types eliminate themselves with a potentially deadly fake treatment that the government dupes have falsely labelled as a “vaccine’.

  7. Did she actually said she’d like to see unvaxx people executed? I don’t see how a conclusion of “Unvaccinated Citizens Should Be Executed” could be drawn from this dumbass commercial. Just looks like a cringy lame attempt to say boosters will kiII Covid variants. What am I missing here? Maybe I’m just still hungover!

    • Ok. let me explain it too you. Its a visual metaphor. Notice that no real heads were removed during the commercial. In as much as the sharpened sword displayed was not designed to remove pineapple tops. The implication being that this is just a test not the purpose of the sword and leaves it up to the viewed, the true purpose of the sword. Did you get it when the comedienne brandished Trumps bloody head

      • Ha, ha, Martha is pushing an experimental GMO injection that never worked for a 3 year old cold virus that is no longer circulating.
        The pandemic was fake. 1 death per 1000 is not a reason to take any vaccine, and shutdown economies, nevermind taking an experimental injection. Even cigarette smoking kills over twice as many as covid, but no one forced masks for smoke that is much deadlier than a common cold.
        FYI… Most covid victims did not die from virus, but instead were murdered by doctors in hospitals using ventilators. Fact.

    • Yes, the HUGE IRONY is those who say what she has said and have actually gotten the shots and the boosters are going to be the first to go! Suicide is painless it brings on many changes – Martha so sorry you have killed yourself because of your incredible ignorance – OH WELL, BYE BYE! I defended you during your legal problems because we all knew that 100s of men and women did what you did and never went to jail! There is nothing I can do to defend your life if you have actually taken the jabs and the boosters! Your done! Just like my entire family and almost all 98% of my friends too, now all I can do it wait for the problems to start and for everyone to pass away!

  8. Anyone pro-vax is living in an alternative reality, or they are suicidally ignorate of the true facts about the C 19 harm and death. Martha Stewart should be boycotted!.

  9. if everyone did what i did, their power would be squashed.
    cancel your facebook, twitter, youtube, accounts,
    don’t use any google products or services,
    when you are not using your cell phone, store it in a metal box, just taking it out to check for messages
    cancel you cable tv.
    don’t pay to watch any movies, you should not pollute your brain watching them for free either, but if you have to, wait until they are free.
    If they can’t get into your brain, they cant manipulate you.

          • I use them. I can look up instructions for fixing my car, making things, so they are a useful resource to me, but it goes back into my copper box when I am done.

        • Useful for what? They’re an absolutely HORRID computer, and a mediocre phone at best. Everything they do can be accomplished both better and cheaper by something else that’s devoted to the task. I never saw the point – their $1,200 cost buys you a very nice computer with a large screen, keyboard, real pointing device, and a REAL operating system – although both Apple and Micro$oft are trying to drag computer software down to the level of brain-dead smartphone-esque “apps”. Which is why I’m switching back to Linux “next time”.

          The Emperor has no clothes – a real camera is far more versatile, and a dedicated GPS for your car is far cheaper.

          • well, you can build a house with a hammer, but you can also use it beat someone to death. I use the cell phone to construct and build increase my productivity. I wish I could do it without the spy crap, but do what I can to mitigate that.

          • Most people really don’t need internet access “on the go” as the saying is. I don’t – but if I did, it would be a laptop or *maybe* a tablet with 5G capability. Probably a Microsoft Surface or one of its many clones “convertible” laptop/tablet. Then install Linux on it. That gives you a real keyboard, and a small, but usable display. Having to fight with the sub-optimal smartphone experience would NOT increase my productivity – quite the opposite.

          • i am looking into the lynx computer, but can’t really find much about it, and don’t understand what I do find. working on wrapping my head around it.
            also a lynx phone.

          • If I absolutely had to have a smartphone and nothing else would do, a Lynx would be on my list to look at as would be the Cat S22. Or one of the linux phones. As it is, my Sonim XP3Plus does more than I need, and best of all is a flip phone that won’t break.

  10. Ah so con’s felons jailed for stock trades should be given a chop instead? Keep the insider trading honest ? Be a lot of open bank and political hacks positions

  11. Apparently this is what happens when brain cells die off……….BTW, her roots are showing and she certainly has not aged well.

    • Yes, she’s looking a lot more masculine. Another man pretending to be a woman? Seems the hormone therapy isn’t as effective once they pass a certain age.

      • They must be rationing the adrenochrome. They made her do this commercial or they threatened to cut her off completely. Looks like she’s desperate she hasn’t had any in a while. LOL! They’ll let her die off when they have no more use for her. Probably make a set of bagpipes out of her wrinkled ahss!

  12. That’s not what she said. The headline is misleading and this is why no one trusts non-establishment media. Dumbasses.

    • That is, however, exactly what she’s insinuating! And that in itself is both deceitful and hateful, and supremely ignorant.. especially coming from someone who’s basically an uneducated & dim-witted food cook, and not an actual moral authority on anything whatsoever!

  13. Martha is a Rockefeller. The ones who must be executed are (((them))). Then the rest of world can live in peace & be free from their satanic evil.

  14. So she wants Pure Bloods dead, huh? Tell her to being that Samurai sword and I’ll bring a bayonetted rifle with no ammo.

    • Hint: There’s no “bromine” in pineapples. It’s called bromelain, and it’s an enzyme that can denature certain proteins. However, just because it can affect some proteins in vitro doesn’t mean that it will do the same in vivo. The other problem with that ridiculous theory is that having bromelain in your digestive tract isn’t going to do anything to destroy the genetically modified Covid spike proteins located in your respiratory tract, your bloodstream, or on the surfaces of your lungs and blood vessels, which is mainly where they’re being produced after you foolishly agree to submit to the mRNA jabs. Once the damage is done, it’s permanent.

  15. hey martha you wont have to execute any one those of you that took the death jab will be gone soon enough and your life insurance will call it sucide…so oh well and buh bye martha…

  16. Well, they say the BRAIN is affected when gullible people load up on the jab and boosters. And Stewart profoundly proves it. What an embarrassment.

  17. Just another pompous arrogant 8itch that thinks she smarter than everyone else…. but don’t worry; we’ll all celebrate you one last time when you drop dead from a C19 clot attack (or as the fake news calls it “sudden death syndrome”)

  18. I used to think Martha Stewart was really something . . . . . .
    I also thought she got a raw deal when they put her in jail.
    Well, I was right on the first count, she really is something just not the good thing I was thinking.
    I was wrong on the second part, they were right to throw her in jail and she should still be there.

  19. Color me unfrightened…bring your little sword Martha i.e. your basic bringing a knife to a gun fight…you lose.

  20. No Martha, you and your dumb ilk who have been jabbed should be exterminated, everything you idiots touch and breath get sick and ultimately die. U you up are a freak and it wouldn’t surprise me you are not even jabbed and if you were it was most likely with saline.

  21. Truth is coming out and you’re not getting amnesty Martha. Anyone who is involved in this agenda in any way needs to be executed for what they have done to humanity.

  22. Shouldn’t this be considered inciting violence towards the unvaxxed? If mean tweets are inciteful this goes well beyond that exponentially. Sure hope someone doesn’t go all samurai warrior chopping pure blood people up because they saw this commercial.

  23. Hurry up, Martha, get out there and get a couple more “boosters”. I can’t wait to watch you publicly rot!

  24. Oh look, somebody’s great grandmother desperately clinging to the desire to stay relevant. Yawn.

  25. Stewart should be forced vaccinated with repeated COVID shots until it shuts the fuck up. Why is it not in jail, anyway?

  26. Martha you are a IDIOT for going along with this scam, do us all a favor go and get the next 3 boosters.

  27. Goes to show Martha can be bought… or rather her services were paid for by Pfizer… Try again Pfizer – get Oprah – Martha’s low hanging fruit!

  28. I pray that the people that took the jab, will not have a terrible outcome. We now know that the jab was a hoax and that it didn’t do anything they said it would. Stop the spread: NO, Keep you from getting it: NO Keep you from transmitting it: NO. Keep you from going to the hospital: NO. Keep you from dying: NO. Safe: NO, heart problems and blood clots death. They started saying 95% effective and at the end they now say less that 12% effective.

  29. Pretty harsh recommendation for punishment coming from an ex-con. Perhaps they should consider execution for tax cheats, and inside traders also!

  30. Unknowingly Martha has just signed her own death warrant. What she has wished on others God will make sure it happens to her. RIP (Not!) Martha!

  31. We must remember…Martha Stewart STOLE EVERY RECIPE she ever released into the public realm, she can’t read or write above Second Grade level, and cheated on her exams at school… why is this excuse for a woman in the ‘public eye’???
    This woman is NOT a scientist, she’s NOT a pastrycook, she’s NOT a chef, and I reason with the people that she’s a NOBODY, proving herself to be basically a loudmouth American woman, of which there are FAR TOO MANY…..with NOTHING to bring to the table….NOTHING!!!!

  32. Wait, isn’t this the same moron who got thrown to the dogs and publicly humiliated by her financial councilor?

  33. From Pfizer et al:

    We still firmly believe in ‘vaccines’ that may or may not be effective and might cause a multitude of various permanently debilitating results, up to and including death. There is only a minor chance that many will suffer blood clots, a heart attack or any of the many many many, possibly twelve hundred, so called ‘rare’ side effects.

    People drop dead for no reason all the time.

    When you are on a roll, there will be some collateral damage. Deal with it.

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