Scientists Call For Geoengineering To Dim The Sun To Stop Coral Bleaching

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Scientists at the University of Bedfordshire in England are calling for sulphate aerosols to be released into the sky to dim the sun, in an attempt to stop coral bleaching.

The researchers also believe that as a bonus, geoengineering will be able to stop hurricanes .

Natural Blaze reports: Hurricanes are implicated for busting coral reefs, and there have certainly been some powerful ones this year.

They think “artificial planet coolers” are the way to go – a sulphate “sunshade” over the oceans. A study by James Crabbe at the University of Bedfordshire examines this form of geoengineering and the idea of “squirting a cloud of sulphate [dioxide] aerosols into the upper atmosphere” over the Caribbean regions.

Using computer models to predict temperatures and coral activity from 2020 to 2069, they decided that their proposed solution is the best to drop temperatures and keep coral populations. Additionally, the idea of sulfate injection into the atmosphere to control hurricanes has been bandied about.

Their theory of bleached corals is that when the sea is too warm, corals expel the tiny algae living in their tissues, which are supposed to feed them through photosynthesis. But then the corals turn white and starve to death. So basically, the researchers have a one-track mind to simply keep temperatures down.

However, there are a few problems with this intent.

Number one, a strategy of this magnitude could have a dramatically ill effect on the entire ecology, especially if it is disrupting a natural ebb and flow of nature. Number two – the elephant in the room – geoengineering has already been happening for about two decades with heavy metal and aluminum nanoparticles emanating throughout the sky through jet “chemtrails.” They linger and disperse for hours and hours longer than the contrails of yesterday. Yet, we are constantly told it is not happening. On the other hand, we are told that in the future, geoengineering could help cool the Earth (yet it is already happening and seems to correlate with rising temperatures). Instead of having the desired light detracting effect, the form of geoengineering taking place right now actually makes people feel like they are living in a convection oven although light may indeed be deflected away.

Therefore, the third problem with their model is that they left out this huge variable of the current geoengineering and its real-time, artificial effect on weather and visible sunlight. Some people blame the last two decades of geoengineering for actually causing the coral reef bleaching via Solar Radiation Mining and the possibility that it starves algae and consequently chokes out corals, fish, etc. This writer honestly doesn’t know – but if that’s true, we would need to acknowledge the current effects of “global dimming.”

Sadly, the New Scientist article devolved into a circus of solutions and theories that look as though they were meant to gear the reader to the original geoengineering solution.

Some of those interviewed had “less extreme” solutions to help the coral, but they still involved altering the ecology through injecting tiny bubbles into the ocean or seeding existing clouds to make them brighter.

On the other hand, a Harvard professor appeared at first to protest geoengineering by saying that solar radiation management has side effects. For example, “it could disrupt regional weather patterns and monsoons” which would dramatically throw off predictable farming patterns. However, he toppled his own argument by then saying that terrorists could stop the process and then the “benefits” of the geoengineering would be lost. (Which is it, Professor – would geoengineering benefit the ocean or not?) This ridiculous, fantastical argument only serves to support an extreme geoengineering measure – there was no true discourse in the article.

Crabbe admits that “we don’t know… what would happen to the marine environment” in that scenario. “But the situation is currently so extreme that we have to make provisions.”


  1. Who paid those assholes? People/the army corps of engineers/fukushima/oilspills/etc are creating the entire collapse of the ecosystem.Everglades used to supply nutrients for the coral reefs and the coral reefs used to be the nursery of the oceans. We are all fucked because the oceans are the LARGEST CO2 converter on the planet. Now they want to pollute the entire atmosphere. I’m glad I’ll be dead before that apocalypse is going to happen. Maybe that’s when Jesus will show up.LOL

  2. Realists call for scientists to stop smoking pot and taking so damn many psychedelics. There’s not enough serotonin left for you idiots to sleep at night.

  3. in the past they stopped using cfc’s to save the ozone layer (when the scientists actually had brains) then it started repairing & all was looking really good then they started geo-engineering in combination with HAARP & guess what?…. they’ve been punching holes in the ozone again. So the geo+HAARP have been causing the damned problems in the first place!! Are modern scientists complete retards because from where i’m standing it certainly seems like it. If you wanna fix this mess then STOP geo-engineering & shut down HAARP & have the damned humility to admit that you lot haven’t got a clue & that nature knows best! Let nature un-fuck your messes!

  4. My understanding is that both higher carbonic acid content of the water (from higher CO2 in the atmosphere) AND increased UV are damaging the coral reefs. As is pointed out in the report, the kind of geoengineering talked about (spraying of particulates including aluminum and barium) is not only dangerous for human an planetary health, but can disturb natural weather systems and make the problems associated with global warming WORSE, eg, increased weather volatility with more droughts and flooding, for example.

  5. My first option to stop the heat from the sun would be to put large solar sail type of structures in an orbit between our sun and the Earth to deflect and or absorb the suns light and radiation from penetrating our atmosphere. We can then also maybe create safe zones for satelites to be protected from dangerous solar flares.

  6. Who in their right mind would allow scientist to poison our only air supply and at the same time deplete out vital VIT D3 which is for our immune system all for a buck, These aerosols also poison our water supply these toxic aerosols get into the rain water & land into our soil, Lakes & oceans. I say start the prosecutions then jail them take all their assets away because this is no doubt This is the biggest crime in human history to mankind our plants wildlife and eco system. Its No wonder we get no more sun anymore. Its fucking grey GREY AND GREY OUT. Sun dimming or Geoengineering, SRM solar radiation mgt stratosphere aerosol injections & weather modification experiments are not safe for our planet and it sure is not safe for us. We know our governments used to put sprayers on top of buildings in St louis and were testing chemicals on the poor in the 50’s and 70’s. England did the same. Bottom line is we all need out VITAL Vit D3 Low Vit D3 = Low immune That means high blood pressure, Cancer can creep in much easier, Longer colds, Longer and more frequent flu’s, Pneumonia, Now add these chemicals like aluminum, barium (which wears down our bodies) have you been fatigued lately? Low Vit D and barium toxicity. I have had my blood tested and my blood was filled with alum and barium …. 20 times the normal amount. I can send anyone my results. The rain water test I paid for also proved me right. I compared it to rainfall back in 2003 and the alum and barium was off the charts. I got the 2003 sample from U mass Amhurst and they busted my balls about getting that sample. I pretended I worked for the mayor of Brockton mass. lol it worked. ALSO LOOK AT THE TREES LEVAES AFTER JULY YOU WILL SEE THE DECLINE AND TREE DAMAGE WHAT LOOKS LIKE FALL LIKE FOLIAGE ON THE LEAVES ….. BUT THIS IS THREEM MONTHS BEFORE FALL. Leaves are not supposed to change weird colors before the fall the trees are plants are stressing and our sick like us. have you all noticed the strange engineered snow? or maybe the chemicals they are spraying are mixing with the snow. lately every dam snow flake looks identical. they are supposed to be different. No two alike. not anymore. snow looks like space ball ice cream. most these days look like 6 pointed stars all identical I have tons of pictures. looks like Styrofoam lately very sticky weighing down trees and branches snapping or splitting them crashing into power lines which lately happens akll the time now. we used to get a power outage like one every few year now 7 times last winter On the rise is allergies, runny nose for months on end, Upper respiratory infections, Blood pressure spikes, Strokes, COPD, Asthma at a all time high. and lung cancer went from no 8 to no 1 in the last decade. Your air is being poisoned for people to profit of the globalist banksters and politicians and at the same time they get to achieve their depopulation goals or Agenda 21 google agenda 21

  7. Yea Then the Same MARXIST Professor Blame Global Warming for the Geoenginering the Try to Tax the Public for Air in the name of Reducing Carbon..

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