BLM Storm Residential Suburb, Demand White People ‘Give Up Your House’ To Black People

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Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters are begging people to stop sharing photos and videos of the violent protests and far-left criminality that has taken over the streets of major cities across America.

Marxist Black Lives Matter protesters invaded a peaceful Seattle residential suburb last night to demand white home owners “give up your house,” “move out” and gift their property to black people.

Do you know that you are living in a historically black neighborhood right now?” the BLM leader shouted into the windows of white residents, before labelling them “racist gentrifiers” and demanding they “do something about it”.

Open your wallet, open your wallet,” chanted a woman with a bullhorn.

Social media were outraged when the clip was posted on YouTube, denouncing the Black Lives Matter protesters as Marxist class warriors who should really take advantage of the blessing of living in the United States of America and get a job, work hard, and purchase property the right way.

It’s Marxist class warfare. Rather than being positively inspired to achieve, they have to steal or destroy whatever someone else has that they don’t,” said Tony Williams.

Peaceful protesters? Not when you threaten people,” said TheTruthinAstronomy.

The parallels with Mao’s Red Guards and Hitler’s Brown Shirts is staggering,” said Gerald Koch.

Do they do anything else? Demand from people who unlike them worked hard and did the right thing,” said Dave Canden.

This is the best republican campaign event I have ever seen,” said Rulk.

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The latest outrage in Seattle came after thousands of patriotic residents of Minden, Nevada, put Democrat-run cities including Portland, Chicago and Seattle to shame, running far-left BLM protesters out of town as soon as they showed up in the neighborhood and threatened to cause a scene.

Several dozen out-of-town far-left protesters gathered for a weekend demonstration in the rural Nevada town, but were greeted by a far larger crowd of local residents, many of whom were exercising their constitutional right to bear arms.

Up to a thousand people in support of law enforcement gathered in front of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, sporting President Donald Trump attire and waving anti-Black Lives Matter signs,” reported 

Unlike in major Democrat-run cities including Portland, Seattle and Chicago, there was no damage in Minden, Nevada, as the armed local residents, who respect law and order, insisted that peace will prevail in their community.

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