Israel: “If Putin Wants To Survive, He better Do What Israel Tells Him”

Fact checked
Israel threaten Putin with assassination if he doesn't do what they want

Israel have threatened Russian President Vladimir Putin with death unless he does what Israel tells him. 

Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli Minister of Justice famous for having advocated the extermination of Palestinian children, said: “If Putin wants to survive he had better do what Israel tells him.” reports: Obviously the Saker is right in saying there is “Very Dangerous Escalation in Syria” happening right now.

The Israelis are pulling out all the stops to make sure their Oded Yinon plan to smash up Syria into pieces doesn’t get totally derailed.

And to America’s eternal shame, Trump and the US military are acting as Netanyahu’s puppets.

Russia, Syria, and Iran are winning. Israel is the big loser. No wonder Shaked is reduced to lobbing death threats at Vladimir Putin.

Good luck trying to deliver on those threats, Ayelet. You will soon discover that getting to Putin is a lot harder than slaughtering unarmed women and children.


  1. But that is the exact point, when the article says Isreali government kills young innocent people(ALL NATIONS) everywhere-IT IS to get other “rebel nations” to submit to the (((NWO))).

    Thus, they are signaling more heinous, murderous, false flags around the world including inside Russia to no end.

    • Many other factors shape NWO. The final middle east conflict is preceded breakdown. The one world religion and the economic formation such as BRICS the propaganda of media and entertainment put a squeeze on those independent country’s ability to maintain a level of bible truths.

      • The REAL Christian God abolished his Spiritual and Physical connection with the Jews many, many, times throughout human history, in the book of Hebrews and other Books, it indicates God has PERMANENTLY ABOLISHED any connection with those freeks FOREVER! However, they can, but WILL NOT accept Jesus as Supreme Lord of the universe. In fact, the JEWISH ANTICHRIST is here and alive, but not what people think. Thus, they and millions, billions of people will rot in hell where they belong! DO NOT TAKE THE UPCOMING JEWISH MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM, It’s possible, it may already be here.

  2. Israel is in no position to threaten anybody. And no, we will not send anymore if our children to fight Israel’s wars.

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  3. Israel! In other words ” It is not real ” Did you get it? Go visit a library, Read some history an find out what it is all about. People are allways talking about the bad ones in the soeciety, the worst ones is the god ones that doen`t doe anything about it

  4. It’s increasingly obvious that Israel is trying to instigate the war of Armageddon and start the reign of the anti-Christ.

  5. I wonder why yournewswire never gives any sources? Could it be because you’re either inventing your stories or copying and pasting from other sites with the same total lack of sources? Real alt news sites give sources for their stories, so people can fact check these stories. I guess this site is for alt- sheep LOL

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