Popular TikTok Influencer Admits Biden Paid Her To Spread Dangerous Propaganda

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TikTok influencer admits Biden paid her to spread propaganda

A popular TikTok influencer has confessed that the Biden regime paid her taxpayer dollars to spread U.S. government propaganda to the masses.

According to Farha Khalidi, she was paid by the Biden White House to spread woke identity politics and shill for his far-left policies.

“I was doing full-on political propaganda,” Khalidi admitted during a recent interview:

Infowars.com reports: “The funny thing is, they were like, ‘Do not disclose this is an ad’, because they’re like, ‘Technically it’s not a product so you don’t have to disclose it’s an ad’, because I think they just wanted some like edgy girl of color to just tell people.”

“Like when they nominated [Supreme Court Justice] Ketanji Brown-Jackson they were like, ‘Can you say, like, as a person of color, you feel reflected?’ It’s like a white woman emailing this to me. And she was like giving me this script and I’m like, ‘No.’”

“And she’s like, ‘Please?’ And I’m like, ‘No. I’ll talk about the news of it, but I’m not going to have a white person tell me to be like, ‘This is how I feel as a person of color.’”

A major leg of the Biden administration’s strategy has been recruiting celebrities and social media influencers to shill for his policies in a bid to create the perception that they’re popular among young people.

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