Trump Supporter Fined $500 per Day for ‘Disrespecting President Biden’

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Trump-supporter fined 500 dollars per day for erecting ant-Biden signs outside his home

A Trump-supporting homeowner is being fined $500 per day over anti-Biden signs in her own backyard.

Andrea Dick says the signs outside her home in Roselle Park are just an expression of her free speech rights.

“I have a right to have them up there, freedom of speech,” Dick told WABC-TV.

One sign says “F*** Biden,” while another says, “F*** Biden, not my president.”

Another sign hilariously shows Trump holding up two middle fingers.

WATCH: reports: Neighbors are upset because her home is near an elementary school and the students are exposed to the profane messages.

“This is terrible. I mean, kids go by here. It’s a family neighborhood and um, why?!” said one neighbor to WABC.

Roselle Mayor Joseph Signorello III said he received complaints about the sign from neighbors. Dick says that she’s heard from many people who support her and her signs.

Dick says she has been told that she could face a $500 a day fine if she continues to refuse to take down the signs.

The 55-year-old has pleaded not guilty and had the fines delayed by a Municipal Court judge until the case can be heard on July 8 in court.

“They think they have a case, let them fight it. I’m fighting it tooth and nail,” said Dick on New Jersey 101.5.

“I’m not giving up. I don’t care what it costs me, I’m not giving up. I’m standing my ground,” Dick added.

She also said that some people were leaving nasty messages on her voicemail.

“It’s not very nice. Very inappropriate,” Dick said.


  1. Kids ho by here And they’re parents are the virgin mary and santa claus I suppose ?Does she let her little kids wander the streets ?Oh stop it We were all kids Everyone of us and we all know what kids do and say and see and think .

  2. Her rights the 1st amendment does not stop nor end because kids might be going by and seeing something. Anyone that thinks she should not have the right to display this sign, has no idea what freedom is nor do they deserve it. I support this woman and her determination to stand up to protect her and our rights, It makes me feel good it is in the state of New Jersey and that some there still are strong enough to make a stand.

  3. Start a gofund me for this woman. People need to know we have a treasonous, corrupt, pedophile and illigitimately elected President. Democrat voters don’t care about truth but there are some in the public who might still care.

  4. I stand with his message, but why the crude language, but she has the right to free speech, but the foul language doesn’t make the message more powerful. A bad example of how adults should behave. She is totally justified advertising her beliefs and I demand she continue, but make it kid friendly.

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