Israel Caught Selling Nukes To North Korea

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Israel caught selling nuclear parts to North Korea

Israel has been caught secretly selling nuclear components to North Korea in order to help Pyongyang build a nuclear weapon.

In an interview with Radio Tlv1, progressive Zionist Richard Silverstein claims the Israeli military sold military equipment to North Korea in 2015, which could be used to produce nuclear weapons. reports:

Due to the lack of any specific laws or regulations which prevent Israeli government is not prevented from trading with countries which either are developing nuclear weapons, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, an Israeli arms manufacturer has negotiated with North Korean officials to provide military technology that might be used in nuclear weapons.

The UN has repeatedly tightened sanctions on North Korea over the past year in response to a series of ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

In November, Pyongyang said it had tested an intercontinental missile which could reach the entire US mainland.

Sean Adl
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