Marjorie Taylor Greene Hangs Sign Outside Her Capitol Office ‘There Are Two Genders’

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Marjorie Taylor Greene struck back against Democrat Rep. Marie Newman on Wednesday, by hanging a sign reading “there are two genders” opposite Newman’s office .

The move followed after Newman put a trans rights flag up outside Greenes office because Greene had opposed the Equality Act.

RT reports: In a speech to the House on Wednesday, Greene (R-Georgia) vocally opposed the Equality Act, a bill that would modify the Civil Rights Act to make “sex, sexual orientation, [and] gender identity” protected classes. Opponents say this designation would lead to transgender women being allowed to compete against biological women in sports, male inmates being housed with female ones in prison, and religious businesses being forced to serve LGBTQ customers against their will, among other concerns.

Greene’s speech clearly ticked off a few Democrats, among them Illinois Rep. Marie Newman, who shares a hallway with Greene in the Longworth House Office Building. In a move cheered by liberals and decried by conservatives as a “moronic stunt,” Newman erected a transgender pride flag outside her office, “so she can look at it every time she opens her door.”

Not one to leave a petty stunt unanswered, Greene struck back later on Wednesday night, hanging a sign reading “There are TWO genders: male & female” outside her own office. “Trust the science,” read the sign’s bottom line, aping the popular liberal mantra.

Reactions fell along party lines. Newman’s initial stunt angered conservatives, who slated the Illinois Democrat for her piece of performance art.”


  1. Sure mob rule can be brutal offensive revolting cruel and downright evil when the team leaders represent those attributes, like the naxis or other similar groups of ” goodies ” always protecting the communities health from unsavoury or suspect elements .But so too can minority rule when they represent the same evil attributes or are seeking revenge or vengeance or to overpower and take totalitarian control The ” woman scorned ” that type of recreational activity hidden behind veils of liberation theology. All that clap trap

  2. There are only two genders of children, and the lost souls of the fbi and cia will traffick them in their clown horror show.

  3. Businesses should have treat all customers equally. That’s basic They arent Majesties in their Courts deciding who they find deserving of putting money in their pocket The only exception should be allowed to sex workers No one else Its completely an affront to the Constitutions most fundamental core beliefs to think businesses, so often drug dealing money laundering receivers if stolen goods, thieves liars frauds and all the rest of it to act as if Superior to anyone at all

  4. Actually, “male and female” are the two “sexes,” and “masculine and feminine” are the two “genders.” But the main thing is that she got her message across!

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