GAME ON: Sidney Powell Had Late Sunday Night Meeting With Trump

Fact checked
Sidney Powell spotted leaving White House on Sunday night

Attorney Sidney Powell was spotted leaving the White House on Sunday night, sparking rumors that President Trump may be about to appoint her special counsel to investigate election fraud.

Powell has been bravely leading the charge to challenge the November 2020 election results.

When interrogated by a CNN journalist about the reason for her visit, Powell put him in his place – telling him that “it would be none of your business.”

“SPOTTED tonight at the White House: attorney & conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell. @abdallahcnn & I saw her leaving the residence side of the White House shortly before 9p. She denied meeting with Trump tonight. When pressed again, she said: ‘It would be none of your business’” CNN hack Jeremy Diamond tweeted.

We will bring you more news on this as it develops.


  1. Making her a special counsel with subpoena and criminal referral powers is a great idea, but it should have happened 6 weeks ago. There’s only 2 weeks until Jan 6. She is a tiger, but 2 weeks is simply not enough time when the courts are determined to assist in the steal..

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