Teenager Who Was Diagnosed With ‘Long Covid’ Actually Had A Brain Tumour

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tenager Kane Allcock

A teenager who was misdiagnosed with long Covid found out that he actually had a brain tumour, after his Mother pleaded with medics to take his symptoms seriously.

15 year old Kane Allcock from Cheshire, started to suffer from persistent migraines after testing positive for covid in December.

His mother said she “knew something wasn’t right” and told a nurse in April about a dent on her son’s head.

The BBC reports: Kane had a seizure after he was admitted to hospital and doctors then found a large non-cancerous tumour.

The 15-year-old had to undergo three operations at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital before being discharged in May.

Mrs Allcock said she had taken him back and forth to doctors in the previous months as his headaches got worse but neurological observations did not pick up any problems.

The family were told they were likely caused by long Covid but Kane began being sick and struggling to walk.

In April, the teenager, Mrs Allcock and her husband Steve went to Blackpool for a football tournament with his side Crewe FC but he was too unwell to play.

They took him home and straight to the A&E at Leighton Hospital in Crewe, where, after blood tests, Mrs Allcock said they were told “he was still just suffering from migraines”.

But she spoke to a nurse who “seemed to take us more seriously” and Kane was admitted.

Doctors found a build-up of pressure on his brain from excess fluid and the tumour which led to the emergency surgery in Liverpool.


  1. Everything is covid related, this is the new “science” these doctors are pushing. Doctors are not necessarily the smartest people. Time to stop thinking they have diagnostic skills as that is no longer taught.

  2. I supposedly had covid beginning of the year. I had liquid in my lungs and mild fever that would not stay away. 101-100. felt crappy, and coughing.
    I tested positive for covid. So the main doctor didn’t give me anything. so after about 7 days of not getting better, I realized that my symptoms were the same as the last two times I had walking pneumonia. I let that go for months before I got tired of it and went to the doctor and they gave me z pack or something that sounds like that.
    so I made an internet appointment and talked to the younger doctor, not the main doctor, who knew I had covid. I told him my history with walking pneumonia twice, and this felt exactly like that and if I could get some z pac. He called it in. I went to get it, and I took the first dose, and I could feel a improvement like two hours later. it was amazing. it was a five day dose, but I was over the top by the second day and on easy street.

    The follow up internet visit, the intern doctor was irritated at me for not telling him I tested positive for covid. I told him that was on purpose, because I didn’t want him to focus on that, because I knew this was bacterial pneumonia. He looked irritated, but I told him that the medicine worked quickly and very well.

    I am thinking the main doctor yelled at him for treating me. i was supposed to get sicker and go to the hospital, and get the casualty numbers up for the cause.

    I think he got fired, he is no longer there. I don’t know.

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