Jerry Seinfeld’s Family Lemonade Stand Shut Down By Police

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Jerry Seinfeld’s son had his lemonade stand shut down by police officers in the Hamptons who said they were “breaking the law”. reports:

This was the real Jerry Seinfeld in 2015 and his wife, Jessica – in a dustup over a lemonade stand.

Jessica Seinfeld posted a photo to Instagram after their son, Julian and two of his friends had their lemonade stand reportedly shut down by East Hampton police back on Tuesday, Aug 18.

The photo shows an East Hampton police squad car in the back, with Jerry Seinfeld, son Julian, and two of his friends identified as Xander and Jaden with their hands jokingly behind their heads.

A neighbor had complained about illegally parked cars, according to the East Hampton Press. Upon arrival, police told the Seinfelds that lemonade stands may not be operated on village property, the newspaper reported .

“Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor, but not before raising lots of money for @loverecycled,” Jessica Schneider wrote in part in the caption for the Instagram photo. “Thanks to all of our customers and big tippers!”

“It’s really pathetic that people would call the cops over this. And it’s even more pathetic that cops shut it down,” another wrote.

But some users made light of the situation. One wrote, “thwarted by Newman again,” referring to Seinfeld’s nemesis played by Wayne Knight on his eponymous show.

The money was raised for Jessica Seinfeld’s “Baby Buggy” charity, the newspaper reported.

The Seinfelds are part-time residents of East Hampton, the newspaper reported.

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  1. jerry jerry jerry is not thier father he is in facto thier great great GRAND father and at 75 plus his stand Up is now limited to one setup but he is working on a new show called jerry florida nurseing home story bout nothin nothin at all

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