Not A Single Case Of Flu Detected By UK Health Authorities This Year

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Not a single case of flu has been detected by public health officials in England so far this year.

In the week up to 31 December 2020, only one case of influenza was confirmed by laboratory analysis.

So has the seasonal flu been renamed Covid?

Not according to experts, they claim it was wiped out because of lockdown, tough restrictions and flu jabs. An article in The Independent reports: “The restrictions brought in to curb the spread of the coronavirus, combined with an increased uptake of flu vaccine, have both been credited with driving down infections”

And those experts are now saying that the decline in infections could justify a continued use of hand sanitiser and face masks used for the coronavirus pandemic

Summit News reports: Of the 685,243 samples tested at the PHE’s laboratories since the first week of January, not a single flu infection was discovered.

Professor Christina Pagel went on to suggest that some of the measures brought in to fight coronavirus could be kept in place to combat flu infections.

Asserting that “we can reduce flu deaths to pretty much zero,” Pagel said it is “worth encouraging people to wear masks” on public transport and in other busy environments every winter.

As we previously highlighted, other health experts have suggested that flu cases are so dramatically low because influenza cases are being falsely counted as COVID cases.

Last month, top epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski asserted that, “Influenza has been renamed COVID-19 in large part.”

According to the CDC, the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of December 19th was just 0.2%, compared to 8.7% from a year before.

According to Wittkowski, former Head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at Rockefeller University, this was because many flu infections are being incorrectly labeled as coronavirus cases.

“There may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the ‘presumed COVID-19’ category of people who have COVID-19 symptoms (which Influenza symptoms can be mistaken for), but are not tested for SARS RNA,” Wittkowski told Just the News.

Numbers published in April last year by the UK’s Office of National Statistics also showed that there had been three times more deaths from flu and pneumonia than coronavirus.

“The number of deaths from flu and pneumonia – at more than 32,000 – is three times higher than the total number of coronavirus deaths this year,” reported the BBC.


  1. I’ve realised through this whole COVID-19 pandemic that they could say whatever they wanted in the papers and on TV without showing any evidence and people will believe it all.
    I’ve also realised that “Flu” deaths were a prelude to COVID-19. Influenza can cause death in some people but they simply put the Influenza & Pneumonia figures in one and make out “Flu” killed 30k in one year when actually Phenumonia can be caused by 100s of different things especailly in old age and in smokers.
    You got to get that jab though to save yourself and others….right…

    • Yep The guilt trip. So they can communuty police you Like jew hunting which was like witch hunting or heretic hunting All the same As above, so below .Experience of centuries of manipulating whole nations populations shows

    • The hospitals will be filling up shortly from people experiencing side effects from having their RNA messed with. Just my guess.

  2. Lawyers Promise ‘Nurember Trials’ Against All Behind COVID Scam

    From Principia-Scientific.
    Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being
    set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the
    American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible
    for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum.

    According to Reiner Fuellmich, all the frauds committed by German companies are derisory compared
    to the damage that the Covid-19 crisis has caused and continues to cause. This
    Covid-19 crisis should be renamed the “Covid-19 Scandal” and all those responsible
    should be prosecuted for civil damages due to manipulations and falsified test
    protocols. Therefore, an international network of business lawyers will plead
    the biggest tort case of all time, the Covid-19 fraud scandal, which has
    meanwhile turned into the biggest crime against humanity ever committed.

      • It is my sincere hope that some more professionals do a similar exercise on the climate hysteria as well. The dark forces behind the MSM narrative need to be exposed for the mass intimidation of the gullible sheeple [sic]

        • You are sooooo right. The backstory I read on the climate agenda was that it took Gore and Clinton quite a while to find scientists that would support this nonsense. My hot button is geo-engineering / chemtrails. Staring people in the face on a daily basis and nearly no one cares.

  3. Take the number of people that died of anything this year and divide it by the current population. Then do the same for last year. I bet the difference between 2019 and 2020 is insignificant. THIS IS NOT A PANDEMIC!!!!!! This a a crisis manufactured by the media and the government, plain and simple.

  4. Anyone who believes the government experts and corporate news is a fool. Only the good sheep will be allowed to have lives and recieve their “covid” passes. Global tyranny in the form of government mandates, all based on lies and propaganda.

  5. It’s a miracle! NOT… Mark Twain said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” He said that in 1907 in Chapters from My Autobiography, but in in the science journal, Nature, in November 1885 someone else said, “A well-known lawyer, now a judge [perhaps Baron Bramwell], once grouped witnesses into three classes: simple liars, damned liars, and experts.”

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