Tucker Carlson: ‘Mexico Influences Our Elections More Than Russia’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson says that Mexico has far greater influence on the United States’ elections than Russia.

The media response to President Trump’s meeting with President Putin in Helsinki is hysterical and out of touch with reality, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson who explained on The Five Monday night that Mexico has far greater influence on the United States’ elections than Russia.

Claiming that Mexico is “packing our electorate“, Tucker Carlson said that Russian influence in the United States pales in comparison to the influence Mexico wields in American political life.

It’s very hard at least for me, Tucker, to take that media response to this seriously. Since it’s always been at an incredible high pitch,” Greg Gutfeld, one of the show’s hosts said about the media response to allegations of Russian collusion by the Trump campaign.

I’m wondering if this is because the media is blaming Putin for Hillary’s loss and they are constantly demanding their pound of flesh and nothing will ever be enough.”

Tucker Carlson said he believes Russia is trying to interfere in American political life — all countries do — however none are as successful as Mexico.

“Of course they are trying to interfere in our affairs. They have a long time. Many countries do. Some more successfully than Russia like Mexico, which is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate. I don’t understand why we need to believe that Russia is the primary issue of American political life,” Carlson responded.

Tucker Carlson’s message was clear — the United States’ immigration problem has allowed for illegal aliens to have an immeasurable impact on our elections.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Look to your left and look to your right. Thank an ass-sitting libtard. Thank an ass-busting conservatard. Look up and thank the wealthy Whites/Jews/Liberals who live like in lala land. Look in the ether and thank your ‘endearing’ masters. That one you actually can’t do.

  2. See, this is how I know Tucker is controlled opposition. he didn’t mention the group that has absolute control over our elections, and that is Israel. Total control. they select our politicians.

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