Kathy Griffin Warns “If You Don’t Want A Civil War, Vote For Democrats In November”

Fact checked
Kathy Griffin
TMZ/Tyler Shields

Kathy Griffin is threatening civil war if Americans don’t vote for the Democrats in November.

She is certainly doing her part to help Democrats escalate political rhetoric to dangerous levels ahead of the November midterms.

Yes, Griffins if you remember, is the same psychopath who took photos and released a video of herself holding the decapitated head of President Trump.

Her new threat follows Joe Biden’s recent speech where he called MAGA Republicans “a clear and present danger to our democracy” from a blood-red stage with Marines standing guard behind him.

The Gateway Pundit reports: According to Joe, it’s not the radicals, lunatics, and criminals who threaten Supreme Court justices and vandalize churches, pregnancy centers, and the offices of pro-life groups. Nor is it the violent Democrat domestic terrorist who conspired in an assassination plot against Justice Brett Kavanaugh

What about the Democrat that tried to murder an entire Republican softball team?

Or when the left-wing mob defaces and removes statues of historical figures, they are told to hate?

Or is it the radical leftists who tried to assassinate Steve Bannon and Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene multiple times by sending armed police to their homes looking for a confrontation?

Nope. It’s peaceful, law-abiding Patriots who want cheap gas, safe communities, and low taxes that “represent extremism” in the eyes of dictators like Joe Biden.

Leftist Kathy Griffin’s latest rhetoric is that of a literal domestic terrorist, not to mention her outright voter intimidation against all Americans.

She is now trending on Twitter because of this threat on America.

Griffin got “ratioed” in the comment section on this tweet by regular people, calling out the absurdity and indicating they WILL vote Republican regardless of their party if she means this.


Many also called out the hypocrisy of the radical left and Joe Biden, the modern-day equivalent of Adolf Hitler.


  1. It’s easy to lay on to the idiot Griffin. But is she really wrong? If Republicans regain majorities and the White House it will be the militant Left that will start a war.

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